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If golf frustrates you and you happen to slam your club against a tree, we understand. And, we’ll fix it right there on the spot. Technorati Tags: Austin, frustrated golfer, golf, golf repair, Grey Rock

Jennie McCafferty, interviews Rick Babbitt and Jack Clark of Black Bear Golf Club. Black Bear, located at Vanderbilt, just 10 miles north of Gaylord, is making a comeback of sorts. Technorati Tags: and, Bear, black, bureau, convention, gaylord, glsp, golf, Golfer, mecca, michigan, network, Preview, television, tourism

I would like to make my grips a little more sticky. I heard that if you clean them, it helps. However, i do NOT want to ruin the grip themselves. The type of grip i have is a "Golf Pride – Sofftie". I don’t want to go out and buy any "SPECIAL" kind of cleaner… […]

I bought my clubs about two years ago and have been playing with them since. I am about a 15 HC. Is it too late to get my irons fitted to me? Should I just wait until I either get better or need a new set? Technorati Tags: hc, irons

Sutera Harbour Resort

Sutera Harbour Resort, a hotel property located in the heart of the capital of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu on the shore near Manukan Island, comprises the 5-Star luxury hotel accommodation of the city-style The Pacific Sutera and resort-style The Magellan Sutera. The two hotels, part of the resort property, are a mere 10 minutes from the […]

I know this sounds impossible, but it happened and the people working at the resort are saying there’s just no way they could get it, the water’s too dirty. Thing is, the club is a Honma edition that they no longer make and well, a club set isn’t a set without all of its clubs. […]

HD Version: Breezy Bend ©2008 Technorati Tags: ball, club, Country, golf, green, mark, pga, putting, repair

I’m planning on getting some new irons. I’m tall and need 1/2" extra length clubs with a 2 degree upright lie. Does anyone know where you can order custom fit clubs online? I was hoping to find a better deal online but can only get standard length clubs. Thanks Technorati Tags: custom fit clubs, extra […]

Making golf clubs

How is a golf club made? Does anyone know a website with info on how the shaft, grip, and club head is made? I have to do this project for technology class on how the computer industry and materials help make a golf club. I already have info on the golf ball which is a […]

Discount Clone Golf Clubs

Thinking about getting some clone golf clubs? If so, then this video is worth a look. – TourGolfClubs is dedicated to making the game of golf affordable for everyone. We are proud to offer you a line of discount clone golf clubs that rivals the top name golf clubs in features and performance at […]

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