Custom Made Golf Clubs & Components

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Available at Roger Dunn Golf Shops Santa Ana – Call (714) 558-0074 to book today Technorati Tags: Golf club fitting, ping nflight trackman, ping track man, track man for golf, trackman for golf

I am looking for new golf clubs, am probably about an 18 handcap and not sure which brand I want… I would like to be able to try several different types of clubs and have a really excellent fitter determine what is best for me. Technorati Tags: DC, handcap, new golf clubs, several different types

How to Repair Golf Club Grips

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will standard clubs be to short? or do i need to go into mens. or maybe womens extra long. Technorati Tags: girl, Golf Clubs, women

I am 6’2" tall. From the ground to my wrist is 36 inches. I am 45 years old, and have very little time on a golf course. Technorati Tags: 45 years, golf course, little time, quot

Golf Groove Sharpener Video

Do you want to lower your handicap? Do you want more spin on the green? Do you want to improve your short game? Groove Sharpeners – Service, Sharpen and Repair U, V & Square Golf Club Grooves! Groove Sharpeners will sharpen and renew your golf iron and wedge grooves within a few minutes. Breathe new […]

Custom Fit Golf Club Irons – Custom Fit Golf Club Irons are pretty expensive but well worth the money. Follow these tips for buying clubs and I’m sure you won’t go wrong and you will enjoy your next golf game so much more. Technorati Tags: club, CLUBS, custom, fit, golf, hybrid, irons

How To Finish A Golf Club Ferrule

This Hireko Golf Video demonstrates How To Finish A Golf Club Ferrule. For more information, visit or call 800-367-8912. Technorati Tags: assembly, club, golf, how, make, to

Greg Rost Talk on Golf Club Length for My Golf Strategy Technorati Tags: golf, Greg, My, Roost, Strategy, Talk, Tech