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Expert Golf Equipment Designer, Author, and Speaker Ralph Maltby explains wedge length and swingweight to help accuracy, feel and distance control. More expert advice at Technorati Tags: advice, clubmaking, CLUBS, golf, Golfer

Fit2Score golf club fitter Russ Ryden discusses AeroTech Golf Shafts with Chris Hillery, President of AeroTech. Technorati Tags: aerotech, club, fitting, golf, Shafts

In golf, the swing and a proper follow-through should be the goal, as opposed to merely making contact with the ball. Learn about turning to finish a golf swing with help from a director of instruction at a golf school in this free video on golf swings. Expert: Conan Elliott Contact: Bio: Conan Elliott […]

The Tour Edge VIP Fitting process allows local pros to send in golfers to be custom fit at the Tour Edge Headquarters. A Tour Edge fitting specialist will fit golfers with the newest Tour Edge and Exotics heads, and the industry’s leading shafts to create the perfect set-up for your golf swing. Technorati Tags: custom […]

A sponsored custom golf club fitting from TaylorMade Golf. Video by http Technorati Tags: club, custom, fitting, golf, Motion Capture, taylormade

This is the video showing you how to spine golf shafts on a new Spine Finder Machine from Please comment or contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for watching! Technorati Tags: clubmaking, golf, Golf Equipment, golf shaft, golf shaft spine, making clubs, shaft spine