Prototype Comp

Prototype Comp

Packaging Design

We have come a long way since wooden barrels and woven bags were used as packaging for products. Overall, the packaging industry is worth over 400 billion dollars, with companies actively investing their resources in developing new products and innovative packaging design to stimulate growth in their sector and increase its share of market.

Packaging often offers one last opportunity to influence the purchasing decisions of consumers in a store environment, therefore, a basic level, the best package, the more likely that consumers will buy your product.

Effective packaging must:

* Generate visibility and consideration for your product (compared to others) in retail stores;

Help your clients choose the right product / variety / brand easily;

* Provide information on the product key benefits products and instructions;

* Generate purchase (and interest for future purchases);

* Build an emotional appeal for the client to search for their brand and become loyal to the brand.

Glazer + Kalayjian has almost 30 years href = ""> experience serving the packaging, marketing, branding and design needs of our customers through a range of support services and simplifying the design, the creation and implementation of consumer brands in the world. We support creativity, to develop and implement a wide range end to end, if it is to launch a new product or re-packaging exercise, working in harmony with the brand and create a synergy with the brand strategy.

Services available to our customers include:

Research Design and Trend Watching:

Glazer + Kalayjian meets frequently with partners around the world to discuss trends, forecasts and compare the learning solutions and business. Customers benefit from the wealth of shared knowledge of different countries and cultures around the world. We can see trends developing and emerging through world, and to evaluate the local and international long to implement local and / or global markets.


At Glazer + Kalayjian, we think that the mark must not only create new logos, but also in new markets. Through our initiatives organization, research and creative thinking our customer R & D, we want to drive your business ahead of the pack. Consequently, all Glazer + Kalayjian the project begins stimulate discussions between his client, the local market, retailer and consumer.

Idea Generation:

The best strategic solutions for packaging design to begin a session of brainstorming or mind maps. From an analysis of competition, historical research, the client's objectives and positioning strategy, we begin finding creative solutions to solve problems and point merchandising sales and building brand equity.

Packaging Design and 3D modeling:

Our packaging preparation and submission of modeling teams and execution of art, using the state of the art digital.

Keyline Digital

By creating a net art, art speaks to file details of each work. The ultimate goal is to achieve design standards and color of each brand.

Production of Art:

Creating the art of design files production requires the adaptation of files to match the print version of the desired result. During this process, we work with the holding tower design and color settings.

Editing and composition:

We may modify any digital image, including images or match the colors pre-existing or create a new image from several separate images (composition).

Setting implementation and deployment:

Often we are accused to implement a design strategy for the brand across multiple SKUs. We are able to apply the art through a line of products under the same brand architecture, true to the brand attributes of design visually through different types of packaging.

Preparing the file for printing:

We can prepare us files to a large circulation, and master files ready for the final separation and printing. The final electronic files include all the data needed for a run of success. A staff member is always present for the press supervisory board, to discuss the project with the plan, control samples, and examine the evidence.


Using information from ideation and brainstorming sessions, designers of movement in technical drawings to analyze the feasibility, usability and creativity of each idea. This step allows us to test ideas and our customers to see ideas take virtual 3D shapes. We can combine any form of graphics and colors to create effects realistic visual.

Mix 3-D with reality:

Often, a client wants to use contemporary photography, but graphic redesign packaging. To resolve this problem, it would be to build a 3D model of the package and implement a new design for the model. Then game camera angles and lighting of the original image and produce the new image.


Rendering is the step final where the computer processes the data and takes a picture "virtual" one. The resulting image is produced as a Photoshop file can be used on different platforms.


Using information from our generation sessions ideas, our designers create plans. This step allows us to test ideas and feasibility studies, and our customers see the packaging ideas make 3D shapes, which can be wrapped with graphics and colors to create realistic visual effects.

Comp Skills:

Our capabilities are incomparable model. A simple model heroes box on a large scale, our innovative technologies are needed to meet all packaging prototype challenge. Our comps provide customers with a replica of the packaging of products with custom colors and substrates. These packages are perfect, glitch-free graphics that can undermine the message of the brand. Customers use our compositions and models for:

* Approval Project

Prototype Packaging *

* Packing Hero advertising

* Sell Trade

From concept to implementation and production, Glazer + Kalayjian provides services and solutions that are tailored to individual needs of each client, if knowledge of design and strategic development Brand and experts. Types of packaging that we produce for our clients include:

* Under a jacket or plastic

* The transfers and decals

* The bottles and labels

* Waterproof Labels

* The boxes and packaging

* Shells and bulbs

* Bags and pouches

* The boxes and tubes

* The conical shapes

* Cups and Tubs

* Display / Point of Sale

* Presentation Tips

* Size / Thumbnails

Research projects of packaging:

The whole design of new packaging, or significant change in a package available, should always be subject to the review of objective information through a series of research methods. As retailers seek a return on investment re-set of initiatives, research is becoming increasingly important. Research helps evaluate packaging systems in different forms / structures and retail environments. What works on a point of sale can not work at all. It is also important to talk with the sales staff in retail, to understand the implications of alternative structures packaging merchandising and retail presence and to assess the point of sale materials and promotions. Consumer goods Some customers think that is worth conducting ethnographic research, to observe passenger transport, use and storage of containers in their homes. Please Please contact us for your search in the design of packaging.

Collateral Materials:

marketing materials, or the sale of related equipment are used to support the sale of their products. In GK can develop, create and produce a wide range of related equipment including:

* Sales brochures and other printed product information

* Posters and signs

* Visual Aids and PowerPoint for use in sales presentations

* Hardware POS

* In-store marketing materials, as gondolas, splashing on the ground etc.

* Sites, Search Engine Optimization and Internet advertising

* Sales Script

* Demo Scripts

* Datasheets

* Signage (internal and external)

* The signals for vehicles

GK has a history of more three decades to understand and meet the needs of creation and production of complex challenges facing our clients around the world.

Contact us with your packaging design project needs.

About the Author

Glazer+Kalayjian is a global strategic branding consultancy specializing in brand strategy and brand architecture, visual brand identity systems, product naming and company naming, trademark search, linguistic analysis, package design, graphic design and interactive design. With a full web branding and interactive design team, Glazer+Kalayjian also produces custom websites, creative online advertising, search engine optimization strategies and e-commerce solutions. Based in New York City, GK maintains a satellite office in Westport, CT, and partner offices all over the globe. With over 30 years of experience creating and sustaining brands for some of the world’s most admired organizations, GK provides a level of expertise that is unmatched. For an estimate on your next design project, contact the Marketing Director of Glazer+Kalayjian for more information at or call us at + Ext 12.

Testing Prototype Off-Road Buggy/ Kit car

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Clubs Learn

Clubs Learn
County Boys & Girls Clubs' summer camp registration begins April 12 Registration for the Martin Boys & Girls Clubs Martin County summer camp begins April 12. Spots fill quickly, so parents are encouraged to visit their local club to register their branches children.
Golf Clubs. Learn how to check your lie angles.

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Shaft Pull

Shaft Pull
96 Ford F tree withdrawing carrier 150 from the tree?

Part 2 axes, 3 joints and a sliding yoke, to gather Bearing carrier off-axis … I removed the bracket, cut the rubber pad, but how wa flange non-rotating shield (rolling?) Output axis? This thread? Asked? I use an extractor to remove it?

The bearing is pressed, and they are very annoying to leave. Just take tree transmission to a place, the dealer will cost more money, and usually have a driveshaft parts place he needed.

Dubuque Iowa pull, broke input shaft.

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Grips Clubs

Grips Clubs

How can you continue to improve the Golf Club

You do not have to look beyond the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours to see that is no conventional way to take control of golf at golf. The tours have all types of handles with overlapping handles Golf with locking handles golf and ten finger grips, golf and even shaking hands crossed. Ben Hogan presented his reflections on the sealing in his classic book, The Modern Fundamentals. Your good golf grip should feel comfortable to you. However, there are reasons for your golf club good. Just hit your hands, you can easily test your basic golf swing. Here's how.

When you're ready, let your arms hang naturally. Now, take your position without a regular golf club golf. Since his absence to hold a club, keep your palms together. Notice how the palms of your hands are parallel. Now you're in good hands with you to create another parallel, resulting in a golf club basic good. If your hands are not parallel to each other, their hands to fight against each other trying to revert to the impact. With the palm of your hands are parallel to each other, their hands now work together as a unit.

Now, take your golf clubs on your golf club. Stretch your fingers while keeping the club in his hand and his palms open just wide enough to reveal whether the palms are parallel. If your hands are parallel, then you've won this machinist. If your hands are parallel to each other, you need to work your hands around your club until the palms are parallel. Now, take your golf clubs. You must understand that this new direction should be your new handle.

The palm of your right hand and back of your left hand will face your fate If you choose to take a neutral position. A player must generally use a higher disability stronger grip to release the golf club. For more control, the back of his left hand would be inclined to the sky with the palms still parallel.

This article on your golf club gives you a quick way to test a essential part of their good adhesion. Once you are able to ensure that your grip, which includes the palms are parallel to each other, you should reduce your scores soon. Your golf handicap will be classified as following.

About the Author

Max Johnson writes golf articles for Wireless Golf Coach. Click to find a full golf swing lessons and tips or putting tips that will work for you.

Golf Basics : How to Grip a Golf Club Left-Handed

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Winn Medallist

Winn Medalist

Some feel these putter grips are the most well-liked Tour, OEM, and Aftermarket putter shape.  Soft, tacky Excel material offers precise really feel and comfort for confidence on the greens. AI technology integrates various textures and colors of Excel polymer for a range of looks and really feel.

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Black Silver

Black Silver
What are the colors that go well with black and silver for a party?

My mother is a feast for me and my cousin who is renting a room and we chose the colors black and silver, but we need another color to go with it. So if you can offer some something that would be great .. thank you!

Lime or orange or iridescent blue sparklies Vivid would be great to give his party another color. Sprinkle Hershey kisses colored paper around the middle of each table confetti and colored paper to add a touch of color.

Raiders Music Video “Silver and Black Attack” 1986

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Wood Heads

Wood Heads
What color curtains should I get for my bedside table in cherry wood?

You just bought a headboard in cherry wood and table for my room and I wanted to have some ideas about what curtains would go well with it. I felt stupid, but it's so predictable. I a teal, but I do not know if it works? Suggestions? I'm also a guy that I want to watch and modern look suitable for a man with a pleasant taste.

I love the mix of wood and white cherry cream, a kind of British countryside in my mind. But I can also go for a base of white cream floral.

AFM 220 energy wood head

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Golf Ferrules

Golf Ferrules
Looking to buy (UK) a wooden ring sleeve (for the golf club) to accommodate the shaft, hosel 335, 400. "

Someone has no idea where I can buy these?

They are outside the United States, but they will be sent to the United Kingdom. Best source for such items. Http: / /

The Basics of Ferrule and Ferrule Installation Part 1 of 4

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Wood Head

Wood Head

Even Tiger Woods practice?

I'm not a big fan of golf, but like most people, I know that Tiger Woods as the best player of our generation. He is a true master. The Natural.

Even though he is considered one of the best golfers of all time, Tiger Woods's practice to stay on top of your game Its philosophy and approach to practice and where he spends his accent is very surprising.

To simplify the game of golf, there are two core competencies, and to swing. Your swing causes the ball in the fairway on a long distance from where the green, then rolled the ball a short distance to the hole. Sometimes less to hit the ball to hit the hole better.

Tiger Woods has a great shot. In fact, his putt receives any glory, we've all seen the commercial, when he sinks a putt, pumps his fist in victory and walk away a new Cadillac. But his swing is phenomenal which separates it from the rest of the field. This is really one of the most gentle and soft in the history of sport.

So what do you think? When Tiger Woods head outside the clubhouse for his morning practice, where he spent his time and energy?

T he head to the practice green to work on his greatest weakness, of its investment or to the driving range to work in greater strength, your balance sheet?

– Tiger Woods is 20% of their practice time on your weakness and 80% in its strength.

Surprised? I found myself.

He knows (and I learned) that work on the things you are good gives you more energy, more motivation and ultimately more successful.

His work ethic is smart to focus on your natural strengths. In so doing, it becomes clearer and become an even stronger asset to the game.

That practice and effort, but because his swing is natural for him, but to work for him and he is perfect. For him, watching the ball fly down the fairway with a right angle and the distance is rewarding.

By In addition, he works on his weaknesses, just enough to stop them from preventing, restraining him or get on your way to success.

History Tiger Woods is a reminder that we all have strengths and natural weaknesses. That's where we spend our time and energy that makes all the difference.

My challenge is do you think of your business. How will you invest your time and energy on your business? On its strengths, the things you love how or weaknesses, the things you really struggle with?

In future issues we will explore how you can focus on things you love to do and less things you do not.

About the Author

Ed Toups, the founder of Office Ready LLC, provides entrepreneurs with a protected haven for their creativity and productivity to soar while introducing them to resources which simplify running a small business. Get Office Ready’s FREE “How to Immediately Increase Your Profits Using These 10 Simple Systems” report and Ed’s FREE small business success how-to tips at

Danny Woodhead Chadron State College 2007

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Golf Grips

Golf Grips
White golf grips?

I'm looking for a company that manufactures golf grips white. I resolve to not half black and half white. but here's the kicker … I wish I handle style wrap. you know … as 7 or 8s Winn Winn. ideas whre I can get a grip of this type of Golf? I'm tired of it flat black. and it seems that the only color that companies seem to find traction. Please help me.

You can get different colors, red, blue, green, pink, but I did not even see white.

Golf Tips Part 1: Golf Grips – Diamond Tour Golf

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