Grips Standard

Grips Standard

The new industry standard for industrial marking Tool

Product value-added technology marking safety and plant productivity

Most companies have long relied on standard engineering practices guide for engineers, who work in the design of products and tools. Recent trends indicate that the technical guidelines are no longer relegated the functioning of product and tools. Now, many companies and industries are expanding the guidelines to include engineering standards for labeling products.

As government regulations and market forces determine the traceability of new products and quality, many industries are seeking specialists in the marking of the product with which a partnership. A specialist marking Mecca is sustainable, Inc. based in Franklin Park, Illinois. Mecca focus is sustainable marking applications using industrial impact printers, steel stamps, steel type, number of heads, dot markers and accessories REP. Mecca sustainable expertise and engineering capabilities have recently been strengthened in the acquisition of traditional brands specialized Mecca / ME Cunningham based in Pittsburgh, PA. Sustainable value added capacity Mecca Engineering proved to be an essential resource for many businesses and industries with a wide variety of marking applications.

Press Increase productivity impact

Mecca Sustainable Impact of manual or pneumatic presses, generate force by the compression and release effects of the spring. High volume repetitive applications indent markup are better treated using printers impact for a very short cycle times and can not be met by any other method of marking.

One of those clients who need a labeling solution was SPX Filtran. The piece should be sealed in metal dome. It was clarified that the marking should happen automatically when the piece was inserted into an accessory, like a time card at a time interval. The cycle time has to be Briefly, the operators were dealing large amounts of coins. The shape of the part presented two
challenges. Firstly, by pressing the mark would deformar the room without proper fixation. Secondly, the shape of the defendant to open the marking device so large a hint of risk and the points needed to be carefully avoided.

Fixing Engineering Special Regulations and implementation of various sizes and shapes of parts is routine for Mecca sustainable. To resolve this application, the engineers have worked with sustainable SPX Filtran Mecca to create a nest camera Mobile. The cast is part of the dome loaded into the nest, which includes an anvil strategically placed to save a portion of the site marking. The
progress exploiting the nest with a custom-shaped slot that corresponds perfectly to the shape of the room. Marking occurs when the nest reached a proximity sensor.

SPX Filtran The system also included an exchange type of support rapid steel, SPX Filtran allowing a high level of productivity in the marking of its parts.

Impact Presses are versatile

In addition to marking, impact presses are also useful for assembly, stamping, forming, punching, and cutting applications. Ted King Electronics Strother concluded that impact is more gradual in their insistence. "Sustainable Mecca was able to recommend the media impact on our assembly operations to insert a party to another, without deforming the part. We used to make this practical application, but the press provides a fast, easy and repetitive. "

Other techniques

Sustainable engineers recommend Mecca point markers EPR as an alternative technology for marking when the application requires the marking of a high quality brand, but with a wide variety of information that are being marked. With a variety of marking heads to use, REP dot technology also enables a mark deep enough to accommodate other processes, such as painting and electroplating.

Portability provides additional flexibility of marking micro-percussion. Manufacturers are often faced with smaller lots, the unique requirements of the mark and find useful to have Portable marking unit for manufacture, when the room is too large to fit into a system database.

Remember the safety of facilities

Sometimes lost in the incessant quest to improve productivity is the need maintain basic security measures in all operations of the plant. Sustainable Mecca has been a leader in promoting the "Mecca security Tools "in your solutions engineering brands.

A recent request came from General Electric to improve the security of your applications tagging manual. In this case, General Electric hand seal operators were large, with hand stamps markup characters and masses. By customer request, Mecca Sustainable designed its new Safety First Grip seal provides enhanced protection
hand of the operator. The Safety First Grip is designed to be non-intrusive, allowing the operator to control much more positive about the label yet to reach a mark, cleaning depth.

Another problem of implementation referred to General Electric for three points to make on a steel substrate. The purpose of this request was to find a cost effective solution to improve the consistency and quality of the brand while improving productivity. Mecca sustainable lighting design report cost-effective supporting part, resulting in better alignment of the mark
while accelerating the process of marking. The advantage of the design Power has been improved operator safety.

Focusing on a single customer

As the marking and identification applications have developed the ability to Mecca durable and offers. "Many customers use them as a single window and turn to us for marking first, "said Clem Malinowski, Director General." More and more we as consultants to help mark the client to work with the application, then send them the best solution. "

Mecca versatility Sustainable been stated that applications for new customers led to a wider range of products beyond the press impact, steel stamps, type dies point roll and markers of PWRs. The new products include systems for ink jet printers, thermal printers, packaging date encoding and dies, part marking, labels, plates, install signs and stencils. Sustainability has become the Mecca "go to" source for many companies are seeking solutions for marking and identification.

About the Author

Joe Coupal is a professional Internet Marketing Consultant with WSI Inc. (We Simplify the Internet). Mr. Coupal authors literary works to educate both industry and the general public regarding reakthrough process and product within the multiple manufacturing and service-related industries that he serves. He can be contacted at

To learn more about Durable Mecco, go to

Motorcycle Heated Grips Tip of the Week from Cruiser Customizing by Kyle Bradshaw

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Mitsubishi Golf

Mitsubishi Golf
Looking for a new car … but I want a chick magnet … Need help?

I have six options to date. Volkswagen Golf R32 Nissan 370Z Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X MR Shelby GT500 1967 Honda S2000 1970 Dodge Challenger R / T

Girls do not like rice, so Shelby as the obvious choice would be 67 or 70 challengers. Pure American Muscle makes girls wet. You is not seen in 60 seconds?

VW Golf R32 vs. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX

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Become Golfsmith

Become Golfsmith

Internet Network Marketing – Why the case is ideal for professionals in greater detail than ever

I know all the consequences the current economic crisis – I think we can consider me as an accident. After nearly 12 years of my life in golf retailing, managing three stores and put in 50-60 hour weeks, those who think nothing of detail, had a rather abrupt end in early 2008. The combination of an economy deteriorating, the high cost of fuel, worth three general stores, the rental property in an area where the country is certainly not cheap, and increasing competition from online sources that have been poorly prepared to face, cuts spending has become the main concern of the owner. Is probably far his most extravagant after eliminating my position seems to be the most convenient way to start. I began to see the writing on the wall after a slow Christmas season in 2007, but the speed remains me impressed.

I must say that the three stores were closed before 2008 was over?

In the not so distant good employment opportunities in the retail golf industry in the private sector owned shops were abundant, but those days are over long. Golf retail was the way to big box stores, like many sectors, such as Dick Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy and Golfsmith, and unless I I am interested in getting into the business world that I managed to avoid most of my working life, my options were limited to say less.

It was decision time.

Owning a business has always been something I had in the back of my mind, but like many, I was so busy earning a living and take care of my family who has been placed on the back burner. I was not able to invest the money needed to start a business of brick and mortar – including rental of space buildout, inventory and hiring employees who may be looking at $ 50,000 – $ 100,000 before the doors are always open. Then there are marketing costs.

Marketing has always been something that interested me, and something that I always felt that this was an area where most retailers have been negligible, mainly because most of them offer absolutely no value. There is usually nothing more than the sales pitch, which disables most people, preventing them from becoming customers. I trained my team to lead with value and position our stores as the place to go for expert advice on all activities golf-related, eliminating price as the main issue, becoming consultants rather than salespeople. I always thought it was the only way increase the retail trades. Unfortunately, the owner does not work that way, by using, instead of the retailer discount same tired "approach.

The Network marketing industry also heavily involved mainly in their own methods Marketing offline until the weather – cold calls, casting his family and friends, the rule "terrible" 3-up lists shopping-lead, and other unsavory activities. I had my fill of this type of sale of certain passages (few) companies with short sales before they entered the retail market. Ironically, one of what attracted me to the sale Retail was the notion of the potential customer to come to you instead of hunting.

LOG target = "_blank"> tourism marketing.

Some avant-garde in the network marketing Mike Dillard and Ann lordship and given the limits of the old model techniques presented to offline marketing to recruit and retain all types of marketing team. They have become a success in itself, but the prospects are difficult to continue as the world has not the tenacity and the will to succeed using methods old school. In addition to this, the Most people simply do not enjoy it, and often simply could not afford to stay in business.

marketing the attraction is built around the notion that people love to buy but hate being sold. Think online stores like – there is a shopping experience better anywhere? You get personalized recommendations, the ability to create wish lists, and both positive and negative opinions on almost every product under the sun. That's all before you buy one thing! When you're ready to buy, it can be as simple as click. Is it any wonder they are one of the few companies that has held its own economy, despite the terrible?

Key business success is to attract first value offer. Instead of true marketing methods and attempted people to hunt and sell your product or your workstation, is positioning itself as someone who is a leader, and whose main concern is to provide information. This information, often free, educating potential customers, and helps to provide solutions. People are hungry for this information, and I want to buy to offer someone.

Another key element of tourism marketing model is the increasing number of methods of market online at minimal cost, thereby eliminating one obstacle for many people entering the industry. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Squidoo, known as social networking sites are a handful of sites that use network marketing to penetrate the market free. They are also a heck of a lot more fun than the methods of the old school!

Why Specialty retailers better position than most enjoy the new model of network marketing?

1. Attraction Marketing is second nature to us. Any good salesman knows how many is vital to always have a value. We have spent our careers to build relationships and position ourselves as leaders, who have never been position of having to chase customers.

2. We are self-starters. You can not survive as a sales manager Retail or owner to be a clock puncher. Nobody will build your business for you, so long, odd hours are the norm. Not construction is different, a network marketing company, except for a powerful thing – you make your own schedule. If you want to work in the middle of the night, the Internet is always open. This is why many people do in a source of additional income – there is no set hours. This is your business, but since you have no employees and hours not worry, you work when you want.

3. Get adequate education network for Internet marketing is essential, but "sales training" is old hat for retailers. The beauty is that the use of the concept of monetization of tourism marketing, or affiliate marketing, you can actually pay for their education, and in many cases actually enjoy while learning. Affiliate marketing is essentially a business relationship with a merchant that allows you to call this company, usually at no cost to you. When a visitor clicks on the link on your site, and then makes a purchase from the merchant, you receive a commission. This can be presented as part of learning the business and is an integral part of many systems tourism marketing, as lordship Renegade System Ann.

4. The fact that we have spent our careers learning to deal with clients, both personally and by telephone, which makes us unique qualified as leaders in this new world. The difference here is that the use of online methods allows us to reach many more people in less time and cost considerably smaller.

5. The tax savings that many retailers are already familiar regulars are also present in the network marketing. His office is his home, and that only an enormous amount of deductions.

These are excellent reasons for retailers to consider network marketing as a viable business opportunity, but the current economic situation may be the most important factor. The economy should not move for some time, which means loss of more jobs and less money discretionary spending for the Americans. discretionary spending is the lifeblood of retail, then it is no good omen for the industry, particularly for specialty stores.

The network marketing industry has entered a period prosperity that only grow in size as more and more unemployed and disgruntled workers looking for opportunities online generation income. This works for the benefit of those already established in the network marketing. We will be particularly well placed to be leaders in the industry right at the right time to provide much information about these opportunities. The low cost of entry and management of a company becomes an attractive alternative now, with social networks more and more every day, it will not change for some time.

About the Author

Mark Kisciras, along with his wife Linda, have a home business solutions company called Work From Home Business Ideas. Using their backgrounds in retail management and marketing, they specialize in providing guidance for people looking to escape the rat race and reap the endless benefits of working from home. CLICK HERE for more information on how to succeed in a work from home business.

Ion White

Ion White

Samsung i900 Omnia White – The 3G Smartphone

Samsung i900 Omnia White is a third generation phone chip is unique in the style and functionality. This device also supports the MS Windows operating system. It has a TFT touch screen phone basic supports up to 256K colors. It offers high resolution of 240 by 400 pixels. This gadget is also an accelerometer sensor for auto-rotation, optical trackpad and handwriting recognition. It also has 128MB of RAM and 256 MB of ROM. The phone has 16 GB of internal memory which can increase up to 8 GB with microSD memory card slot. It has a large capacity data storage. A person can also save unlimited contacts in your address book. This device supports HSDPA, GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900 which is useful for speed of data transfer.

White Samsung i900 Omnia has a 5MP Zoom Digital Camera gives us images of 2592 pixels by camera phone comes with other 1944.This facilities such as autofocus, image stabilizer, video and Flash. It also helps to capture high quality images and pictures, you can obtain images crisp images. A person can also record videos of his best moments in life.

It also has a secondary video call camera contributes to the videoconference. This item also comes with an integrated GPS receiver. The GPS gadget allows the user obtain information about the locations and roads. With the assistance of the office in your pocket, a person can work in MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, OneNote and PDF viewer. This feature editing, viewing and sharing files.

For entertainment purposes, you can also download ringtones and music using an MP3 player and ringtones. Includes additional features like GPRS Class 12, at a speed of 32 to 48 kbps, EDGE Class 12, HSDPA 7.2 Mbps speed. These elements help to transfer data at very high frequency.

A person can also transfer data to help the Bluetooth wireless technology v2.0. This technology allows connection to transfer data an electronic device to another electronic device within a few meters. For music lovers, you can enjoy the latest songs FM radio. It supports comfortable with WLAN Wi-Fi for connecting to wireless internet. The standard battery of this phone is Li-Ion 1440 mAh which supports up to 5 hours and 50 minutes during talk time and 500 hours standby.

The dimensions of the target = "_blank"> Samsung i900 Omnia White phone is 112 by 56.9 by 12.5 mm. This phone has a very light weight, because its 122 grams weight. It also supports a QWERTY keyboard which is useful for fast text input. The widget also has various messaging options like SMS, MMS, instant. feature MMS is the easiest way to send messages and videos to other phones. With this user-friendly product, a person can quickly access to the menus.

About the Author

Author is an expert mobile phone consultant, writes about : Samsung Mobile Phones or 12 Months Free Line Rental

Cutting White Wire on Saturn Ion

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Cameron Red

Cameron Red
Who is the comedian who talks about his leading team of the red bike?

He sings a brief report that I think, "Kevin, Cameron, Ian, Fletcher, Mess with us and go home on a stretcher. "


Cameron Sinclair pulls Double Backflip at Red Bull X-Fighters

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Illegal Golf

Illegal Golf

A brief introduction to the world of golf

Golf is a great old game, depending on how you look. There are those, of course (no pun intended) who claim that â € œGolf is nothing more than a good walk spoiled € â € pah! "This is what I say.

Remember when Golf was widely regarded as a summer sport? Now, these are the days. You used to get all excited March / April, the U.S. Masters at Augusta was televised, it does not take long for the Open Championship in general few windswept patch of sand and gorse, somewhere in Scotland. After being rushed the Open and the PGA Rate Date n.

Before we knew that the season is over and you were busy packing your clubs away and counting the days until next season began.

But not anymore!

Now we have this somewhat strange situation where the PGA European Tour, which represents the Professional Golfers Association has now happened in the Far East and other parts of the world for that golf is a sport now that the weather around the world (outside the U.S. as PGA European Tour is the subject), while the sun shines and the temperature is OK!

This last fact is interesting in that it now a case of golf as a sport truly global and universal (Wasna € ™ t even Neil Armstrong's famous filmed playing a sort of golf on the moon?) that can be read by almost anyone.

Here golf courses in almost all communities in the United States and around the world. Offer highest for all tee times are available by pre-booking if you book, but by and large golf is a game of this big and you should plan ahead. Most things in golf are feasible, but almost all of them are feasible if you plan your time.

How Golf made its debut is a fascinating topic that all players want to know more, and the game has a history rich in culture and traditions.

Scotland has long believed in the origin, where the golf course. Golf was played in what is now the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (R & A) This led to a law which is implemented by the former king Jacques, the king in 1457. kings soldiers spent much time in the game and not enough time in shooting practice arc, and thus makes the game illegal. The first recordings of the game are also observed in the representations within the Gloucester Cathedral in England dating back to 1340.

The word "golf" is based on the kolf Dutch word "which refers to a stick, breaking or shaking, and thus can give credibility to the idea that golf began in the Netherlands. Apparently, there was a game where you put a ball in a hole in the ice, which was called "kolf ice, which can be seen as the way as games terrestrial developed is less seasonal. More recently, a German researcher has found the first descriptions Game "Kolven" which was a game on a ball in a hole, thereby supposedly to define the origins of the sport in the Netherlands.

At the end of the day, none of this is important, what matters is the fact that people are increasingly playing the game and just be good for the sport.

About the Author

Scott James writes about a number of Sports and Leisure based issues such as UK Golf Courses and European Golf Courses. A keen proponent of all aspects of free and independent services available, he advises clients to look at the bigger picture of Golf as investment vehicle for the Rich and Famous in Golf Real Estates

Illegal Abstract Golf Shoes

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Harrison Mugen

Harrison Mugen
Anyone have an opinion on this new line of golf for Harrison?

Mugen Prototype …. 65 grams 2.7 tourque s flex

I I 'm still using this axis tourque past 12 years. they make great pillars. even if he had put on a demo club. which was available cheaply. . What a good job. which is very underestimated, shaft performance undervalued. definitely go for it.

MUGEN: The Beatles Rockband-Here Comes The Sun

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Winn Avs

Winn Avs

Titleist Scotty Cameron putter line develops with the introduction of the new studio SELECT FAMILY

Putters Scotty Cameron by Titleist Tour are tools proven uncompromising feel, appearance and performance. Especially in the world for professional visits, Cameron putters have been the first choice of more players and more winners on the PGA TOUR U.S. for more than a decade. As a market leader in the premium putter category, Titleist reinforces further its range of high performance products with the introduction Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport putter family style.

The new Studio Select putters are precision milled with circular weights in the heel and toe that allow each model to be offered in 33 ", 34" and 35 "lengths. With four Newport models, based on the new line features two different body styles – the Newport and Newport 2 – and three different neck configurations – Plumbing, touch short and roofs. This flexibility allows golfers to choose Select a putter studio with the appearance they prefer, the length and the weight they need, and a neck configuration that provides the right amount of peak flows during the course. In addition, Studio Select putters can be lie adjusted + / – 2 degrees from the standard 71 degrees and comes with six different grip options, including the standard Red Cameron Cord, Black Studio Design, Studio Red Design, Black Baby T, Baby T and Red Winn AVS Medium Red. More customization is available through Scotty's Custom Shop in

"Different players require putters of different lengths, weights, body and neck configurations," comments Scotty Cameron, supervisor Putter. "However, most putter heads are only weighted for trees 35 inches and are too light for shorter lengths, or too heavy longer distances. Too often the same heads are placed in shafts of all lengths. The result is the player who hit the ball instead of being able to caress the ball, which creates problems of remote control. Studio Select putter line delivers a wide range of specifications and options, designed to accommodate a wide range of needs of golfers. "

The four models putter – Newport, Newport 1.5, Newport 2 and Newport 2 Mid Slant – feature a finger feet high set-up that reduces the tendency of players to raise the left foot and aimed at targets, and a position of continuous steel shaft to the air clean, uninterrupted play. Tour-inspired cosmetics include three large red dots on the back of the putter, three smaller red dots on the heel of the face, and Select different graphic studio, shaftband and head. The model name is engraved on the sole, and the soft 303 stainless material offers a crisp, solid feel at the time of impact and increases the longevity of a timeless style. All models are available in right hand. Newport Model 2 is available in left hand and all three lengths.

"The addition of the new Studio Select putters to the Scotty Cameron putter family provides players an outstanding selection choice, "said Steve Pelisek, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Titleist golf clubs." From the traditional blade like Circa 62, high-tech Newport Detour, for the red classic red hammer-X3 and X5 form, and now the new contemporary heel of the foot weighted Studio Select, the franchise Scotty Cameron offers golfers an unmatched choice of fine milled putters in a variety of shapes and styles. "

The victory with the first tour Studio Select came at this year's Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, where the champion led the field to put the trust model Newport 2.

Studio Select putters will be available from March 15, 2008 with a suggested retail price of $ 325. To download hi-res photos or Additional information on the new Studio Select putters, please visit or contact Joe Gomes, Director of Communications, Acushnet Company (508.979.3211).

Titleist, FootJoy, Cobra and include most major brands of golf Acushnet Company, an operating company of Fortune Brands, Inc. (NYSE – FOR). Titleist, FootJoy, Cobra, Scotty Cameron Circa 62, Detour, Red X3, X5 and Studio Red Select are trademarks owned or licensed by Acushnet Company. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About the Author

The biggest golf equipment seller online.


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Magique Golf

Magique GolfCustom Fit golf clubs made to order right from Magique Golf.

We design and build better suit golf clubs at a much better cost. For 22 years, Magique Golf has designed, manufactured and distributed a full line of high-quality golf clubs including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, putters and wedges and demonstrated an unwavering commitment to helping average golfers play much better via custom fitting. The company’s Much better Fit. Much better Cost. message is resonating with golfers around the world.

Magique Golf is proud to be the nations very first modern golf club manufacturer completely dedicated to customized fitting. More golfers than ever prior to now recognize that clubs customized fit to meet their own specific swing characteristics out-perform conventional off-the-rack clubs, and every Magique club is carefully crafted to your needs through a proprietary 16-point custom-fitting procedure.

Magique Golf has been committed to custom fitting for over two decades, says Bill Sheppard, CEO of Magique Golf. The golf business overall has long ignored the average player because the large manufacturers always focus on tour experts. But since 1986 their clubs have been created by teaching experts for the typical player. They’ve remained committed to providing average golfers with custom-fit golf clubs crafted from the latest technology and most advanced materials and at a price everybody can afford.

Magique Golf TV Spot

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Hot Pro

Hot Pro

Why Download EMule Pro Ultra2?

The growing industry of unlimited music and free downloads has somehow difficult and direct competitions among other software and programs. online companies like eMule have definitely found ways to attract customers online that much patterns and experience of its services first hand. Many companies even make packages as customer support and other software music that will attract more clients and eMule Pro Ultra2 is one of those.

While there may be some differences in the way of business to attract customers online services will always be reduced to one aspect, which is to facilitate access to music, do not worry, and difficult to follow the procedures.

The idea and the concept of having free downloads of music files with unlimited choice continued to attract the attention of regular customers and potential customers. This proves that people today have been inundated with offers and great promotions. Download eMule Pro Ultra2 is a sort of download accelerator, which gives the application program Emule. The program uses a innovative and revolutionary technology to speed and time to download a specific file. It also helped support the full potential of PSI, even with a link to 56kpbs.

To download eMule Pro Ultra2 also gives its users the opportunity to experience downloads without interruption, the process of correcting all errors and files downloaded, the optimization and Internet settings, and reduce the system tray to open the way for smoother and easier operation.

EMule Pro Ultra2 also boast of its own characteristics and qualities, such as its ability to be friendly software without any spyware that could pose a threat to the user and the computer. In addition, the use of this type of program will also give you faster downloads and easy to locate sources and files using bandwidth.

Possibility of data loss and damage the computer must be closely monitored because there are many sites that offer best offer reliable, however, that your computer at risk. It is therefore essential to ensure that viruses, spyware and adware not interfere in any way and obtain data from your bank when transferring music files. And when eMule Pro Ultra2 Download all are not experienced since this software is something that involves high quality downloads.

Also, by going to a legitimate and reliable online as the eMule is a great way to boost its unlimited music downloads without worrying about its legality. Pay an assessment not only help the team to support your server, but also a good way to access a wide range a database from the site all the songs legally.

To learn more about unlimited music downloads using eMule and hot Ultra2 Pro, you can visit and enter the

This site will give you all the things you need to know about music downloads that would give an advantage in eMule Pro Ultra2.

About the Author

Download any digital file including music, movies, images, software with millions of others! Discover the freedom and
Download eMule Pro Ultra2
Now from

Lesbia kiss for her greek lover – Hot pro babes in love por lesbia woman kiss catullus espinoza 3

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