Aldila Golf

Aldila Golf

New Callaway Golf Clubs Driver Tour Iz-Ft

For golfers, the new products is very interesting now, let me introduce a new golf clubs Callaway FT-you-iz Tour driver.

The FT-iz Tour Driver is available in three lofts: 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, which is different from Callaway FT-9 driver

. The club is available immediately handed golfers in all lofts, but is only available for left handed golfers in 9.5. Each loft is a lie 60.0 degrees. The club comes standard with the Aldila VooDoo shaft steady, strong and lightweight. You can customize the other driver with an Aldila shaft. The club has men's clothing in a well 45 inches.

The Driver Callaway FT-iz is made for a more experienced player. The loft makes a greater distance, but needs a boost of confidence.

Callaway engineers used a completely new design to re-produce a driver that is longer and right than anything we've ever done. Specifications are explained below incorporated to achieve this goal and help golfers to break the barrier of the hotel. Polar weighting provides stability, consistency and incredible feel more speed (linear acceleration). Bleached Chemical hyperbolic cup face provides more ball speed of our consistently high when using a chemical reduction process to selectively remove unwanted materials to control the thickness accurately. Aerodynamics design reduces body drag for recession velocities greater impact.

The Driver FT-iz Tour is not available until March 12, 2010. You can care if you are interesting.

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a joke: Kissy Kiss

woman, one night, called her husband's attention to the
young couple next door and said: "You see those two?
How are they allocated? It kisses his wife every time
they meet. Why not do it? "

"I," said the husband, but I do not know
it far from sufficient. "

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happy day!

Aldila Golf Shaft

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True Temper

True Temper

Tropical Landscape – The difference between a temperate and humid

Have you ever dreamed of having a tropical landscape? Living tropical region is a dream come true for many individuals. They do not have to deal with the cold, ice or snow and can relax in constant hot temperature. They can also enjoy beautiful tropical gardens and throughout the year and the last contains many different plant those found in temperate climates.

Tropical gardens have their own problems and challenges. Instead of focusing on consolidation and plants fertilizer, tropical garden care will focus more on the size and mold control.

Landscaping Tropical Plants

Tropical plants are very different from plants of temperate climate. Often, plants, tropical indoor plants will be similar temperate how they grow in similar conditions. The only difference is that tropical plants thrive and grow best outside. Ivy is a popular plant for landscaping, but people in the tropics use philodendron time. Its leaves are much larger and the plants prefer a tropical climate.

Orchids are beautiful tropical plants and closer to the equator are the easier you will find growing orchids. The most elaborate tropical gardens contain many pots of orchids. Orchids do not do well in soil, the roots absorb moisture air. To receive and emptied of its air to the roots of orchids that do their best when planted in lava rock.

Plants which require a dormant period in its growth cycle, such as lupins, daisies, do not last long in tropical climates. The plants that grow and survive the longest in tropical climates are those with the wax, thick leaves, such as canna lilies. However, there are annual plants that grow well in tropical climates and can reach enormous sizes, such as bougainvillea.

Fruits and vegetables that do well in the tropics are very different from those growing in temperate zones. cold weather crops like lettuce, radish, carrot and do not grow well in wetlands. Fruit grows in large tropical fruit and tropical, which can be very exotic, is fun to cultivate. You can watch on kiwifruit plants, mangoes, lemons, oranges, lemon, banana, fruit passion and more.

Incredible growth rate

Tropical plants grow much faster than the plants of temperate climate. It is not unusual for a tropical plant grown a foot in one day. Most of its tropical landscape is centered around the size and material cleaning dead.

About the Author

Cindy Heller is a professional writer. To learn more about tropical landscaping, please visit backyard landscaping idea.

True Temper vs. Kid Caustic

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Grip Black

Grip Black
This is an E-grip really worth the money in a Tippmann Alpha Black?

I'm looking for an Alpha Black and I wanted to update with E-grip, but I just play woodsball leisure … Well, it's worth?

Only you can decide. This will allow to make faster and have access to shooting modes, but it uses a battery. It would certainly be more fun with one, but if it is worth the price to you.

Black Sabbath – Get A Grip

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Titleist Scotty

Titleist Scotty
Does anyone know if the sale of tacos false?

I saw that prices were very low. I bought things from these sites were the prices were low and they were false. I wanted to buy and AP2 Titleist Scotty Cameron, but I think it could be my $ size becaause they are not real. Please help me

avoid this particular location because they love to trail here by copying answers from other people. Just a joke.

Golf Monthly Titleist Scotty Cameron putter review

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Grafalloy Prolaunch

Grafalloy Prolaunch
If you have any combination of axes and the pilot, who would it be and why?

Mine is 425 and R7 TP with Grafalloy Platinum prolaunch because it would a good high trajectory boring

How to Ping G10 12 ° to 63 Callaway I-Mix Mitsubishi Diamond Blue Board. Best tree on the market today. Well, come with PING or Aldila Grafalloy shafts, while T-mades do with trees R7S-Mitsubishi Rayon.

Grafalloy ProLaunch Red Wood Shaft

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Avon Pro

Avon Pro

Birth Control and the Christian

Recently, I received a call from a man who asked if we had something we can send it as birth control. He and his wife discussed the issue, and he was looking for information that clarifies question. It turns out that in 1986 he published a booklet entitled "Family Planning and the Word of God. "Decided to reprint Part of the book that deals with methods of birth control.

There are huge pressures on couples to practice today some form of family planning. Just a few decades ago, most couples have given little attention to this subject, but this is no longer the case. So in recent decades has been a considerable increase in birth control methods available, which facilitates family planning.

It is not our intention to address the issue of family planning in general. What do we do with this article is to show how different methods Working birth control and to show that there are ways that no Christian should use. In addition, we believe that the decision to perform the control birth is a personal matter.

Contraceptive methods for Christians


We have said that family planning is not something we can give a simple "yes" or "no". In many ways, is something that each couple must decide alone before God. But at the same time, many forms of birth control, which are clearly convicted by Scripture and therefore a Christian is not free to use.

In the next section, we discuss abstinence, abortion and certain types of birth control – the IUD, oral contraceptives right, and the new anti-progesterone pill (RU-486).

Abstinence is not a good form of birth control

"Now, about things you wrote me: This is good for man not to touch a woman. However, to avoid fornication, let each have his own wife and each woman's own husband. Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence, and the same woman to her husband. The wife hath not power of his own body, but her husband, even as the husband has no power over his own body, but the woman. Do not refuse one another except perhaps by agreement for some time so that you give yourself to fasting and prayer, and to meet again, that Satan do not you try for your incontinence. "(1 Corinthians 7:1-5)

If a couple decides to family planning is the will of God for them, the question of the method must still be answered. What Is it abstinence? Some decide to abstain from sexual intercourse to prevent conception. The New Testament does not permit such an arrangement over the long term. In I Corinthians 7, the apostle Paul said that one purpose of marriage is to protect men and women for prostitution. In marriage, couples are totally free to respond. There is nothing unspiritual about relations between spouses.

"Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled … "(Hebrews 13:4)

"Drinking water in your tank, and the currents of your own too. Let thy fountains be scattered abroad, and rivers of waters in the streets. Let us help you and not for strangers with you. thy fountain be blessed, and rejoice with the wife of your youth. Whether as the deer love and RE pleasant, her breasts satisfy you at any time, and you fall under his love. "(Proverbs 5:15-19)

Abstinence in marriage is not good. It's dangerous! It is actually disobedience The Word of God. The Bible commands Christians to couples not defraud the other sexually.

"Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence and the same woman as her husband. The woman has no authority over her own body, but her husband, even as the husband has no power over his body, but his wife. Do not refuse each other … "(1 Corinthians 7:3-5)

The husband is responsible for meeting the physical needs of women, she is responsible for to fulfill their. The only exception is for the purpose of fasting and prayer, and only for a while – agreement and not a permanent or long distance, but a temporary periods for special prayer focus. Any other withdrawal brings increased danger of Satan with the natural desires of the flesh to create situations of temptation.

"… Except with consent for a time, so that you give yourself to fasting and prayer, and to meet again, that Satan tempt you not for their [lack of confidence] incontinence control. "(1 Corinthians 7:5)

Thus except for brief periods of agreement between the husband and the wife of prayer and abstinence, fasting should not be used as a method birth control.

Abortion is not an appropriate method of birth control

"Can a mother forget her infant, who have no pity for the son of her womb? …." YEA (Isaiah 49:15)

This is most strange that when we talk to Christians about family planning, we would have to deal with the issue of abortion is morally unacceptable. But the fact is that today many major Christian denominations support "pro-choice." Many Christian leaders are not giving a warning against this great evil. Indeed, some who call themselves evangelicals are beginning to support abortion in certain cases. For example, Intervarsity Press 1985 published a book called Brave New People by Gareth Jones. Consider some quotes from this book –

"If abortion is considered, a reasonable decision to consider the fetus, and also parents and brothers and sisters "(p. 157).

"In this case, he must decide whether abortion is beneficial for the fetus" (p. 158).

"No Biblical passage talking about people who have the personality before birth "(p. 169).

"I am ready to admit that There may be circumstances in which, very unfortunately, even Christians may have to consider abortion "(p. 173).

"Unfortunately, some families can not cope with this challenge and a compromise must be approved with reluctance, or termination of abortion] [Pregnancy … The love of God for the weak … requires similar concerns for the freaks and those likely to be rejected by society "(P. 179).

Due to pressure from various sides Intervarsity stopped distributing the book. But it has already been published Christian by another publisher, Eerdmans, and is supported by many who claim to be evangelical Christians.

Life begins at design

For Bible believers, there is no doubt in this case. Scripture tells us that human life begins at conception. When the sperm unites with the ovum, a new life began. Many say you can not know exactly when the embryo becomes fully human, so it must be called a child. The Bible does not leave a mess. Consider the following:

"Here I was born in iniquity and in sin my mother conceived me. "(Psalm 51:5)

In Psalm 51 David shows his repentance for adultery with Bathsheba and murdered her husband. In verse five, he admits that he was a sinner from the moment of conception. This is confirmed by the apostle Paul in Romans 5:12 – "Wherefore, as by one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread all men, for that all have sinned. "Since Adam and Eve rebelled against God, his fallen nature was transmitted from generation generation through the seed of the father.

But note that David speaks of himself in a personal way, even taking into account the design. He said that I was born in iniquity and in sin my mother conceived me. Was David himself, who was conceived.

"You make me in the womb. I praise you that I am fearfully and wonderfully made … My bones were not hidden from you when I was done in secret, and curiously wrought in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my substance, yet imperfect, and in your book all my members were written in continuity that have been shaped, even when there was nobody. "(Psalm 139:13-16)

For believers the Bible, this passage leaves no wonder as to whether or not a human embryo is a real child. The author, David said that God was that he was in the belly his mother and that God knew all about himself when he was young, design – before your little heart began to beat three weeks after conception, before buds little arms and legs seemed at least four weeks after conception, before his little brain divided into two sections, five weeks after conception, their eyes took the form of six weeks after conception – even when there was not them, "God knew. The fertilized egg in the uterus David was a small thing to microscopic size, but this egg was impregnated by God as we know David, the future king of Israel and great-great-great-grandfather of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We see that when a fertilized egg is cut in a certain way he died, death of a human being held separately. It is true that many eggs for several reasons, of course, does not bind the stomach wall after impregnation and thus not ripe for the birth. But the man has nothing to do with it. It's the same with life after birth. Men die in many ways, natural and artificial. Often, this can not be stopped. But if someone takes a knife or poison and ended the life of an individual, is murder. If the claims that the killer put to death to die anyway, or that people die every day so we should not be concerned, his argument would not be acceptable. He killed a human being and punished. Similarly, if someone stops the growth an embryo smaller than the drug or other, that person has killed a little person already known to God.

"If men strive, and injured a pregnant woman so that her fruit depart from her, and still being followed: he shall be punished as a woman, her husband will be on him, and he shall pay as the judges. And if no then thou shalt give life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for the group. "(Exodus 21:22-25)

Note that the Bible says that the fruit is born, the woman is a child. God calls a child, and if the unborn child is injured, God requires that the person who caused the damage must be punished.

"Because you do not know how the mind, nor how the bones grow in the womb that is pregnant, you do not know the works God is everything. "(Ecclesiastes 11:5)

Again, the Bible says that the creature, born small growing in the womb a woman is a child. There is a bubble of plasma, or a thing or a human being underdeveloped. He is a child, even when small bone formed.

"Listen, O Isles, to me, and listen, people from afar: The Lord called me from the womb, bowels My mother mentioned my name … And now, saith the Lord that formed me from the womb to his servant …." (Isaiah 49:1,5)

"Then the word of the LORD came to me, saying: Before I formed you in the belly I knew thee, and before you go on the belly I sanctified thee and ordained you a prophet to the nations. "(Jeremiah 1:4,5)

The passage of Isaiah refers to prophetic of the Lord Jesus Christ, and perhaps also refers to himself Isaiah. A similar passage in the prophet Jeremiah speaks of the relationship with God before his birth. Note once again we see that God has called them before they are born, and it is God who has trained in the womb. Those who interfere with the growth process after the mother, the egg has been fertilized interfere with the work of God to form a human being who is known to God. This is a very serious matter.

If you ask the mother or the mother Isaiah Jeremiah was in her womb, which would have answered, had they known the prophecies that would follow: "This is Isaiah:" This is Jeremiah. "For the Lord Jesus Christ, the Bible leaves no question whatsoever." Now the birth of Jesus Christ this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before all, it was found to have conceived of the Holy Spirit "(Matthew 1:18). Later, the angel told Joseph that the child the name of Jesus and would be "what is produced is the Holy Spirit" (Matthew 1:20,21).

When Mary conceived her first son, by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, He a was called a child. And it in the early stages of growth of the uterus.

"… And it will be filled with the Spirit Ghost even from his mother's womb. "(Luke 1:15)

It is true that Jean-Baptiste was not an ordinary child, but the fact it was filled with the Spirit before his birth, proves clearly that he was fully a human being. If someone had this little interruption in the uterus Elizabeth would have been the murderer of John the Baptist.

"And it came to pass, when Elizabeth heard the baby leaped in her womb and Elizabeth was filled with the Spirit Ghost. "(Luke 1:41)

This shows the passage of the Bible aside what the doctors are yet to be discovered – that the unborn child is aware of things outside the uterus responds. In this case, the fetus was a baby John the Baptist. Remember that it was filled with the Spirit, and he knew that the situation was happening outside the womb when the mother of her Lord and Savior, he met his mother, Elizabeth. Note also that the increase is called here the love.

With these biblical references to us, but we have two choices – we can dismiss the Bible and His teachings or we must recognize that the fertilized egg is a small man being known by God, and growth mysterious and wonderful that will occur during his nine months in the womb is God's direct method of working to form the baby according to their own plan and purpose. Anytime, if someone interferes with the growth of an embryo that commits murder.

Birth control pills and IUDs are not methods appropriate birth control

In view of abstinence and abortion, there are methods of birth control other than where it is deemed contrary to the teachings of the Bible, it is forbidden to Christians. In short, any method of birth control, which reduces the growth of the fertilized ovum is already a form of abortion, and therefore murder. We have seen that, according to the Word of God to human life begins at conception – when the sperm joins the egg from the mother. At that time, and a new human life begins its eternal journey, which became a soul alive through the mysterious action of God Almighty. We have seen that the Bible teaches. Not all scientists agree that modern embryo is a newly conceived human being at that time, but all agree it is a unique and new life began its explosive growth to the development text.

Scientists also know that a new human life begins at conception (fertilization). In an excellent book entitled position of modern science on early life (copyright 1975, life scientists), we read this simple and clear explanation brilliantly Page 15 –

"When your life begins?" The answer to this question can be made simply by going back in time. Before you an adult, you were a teenager, and before the child, and before a child. Before you were a child – that is, before you were born – you were a fetus, and before the embryo. Before you were an embryo at the time of its implementation, you were a blastocyst, morula and before and before that a zygote or egg fertilized. In However, you were never a sperm or an unfertilized egg. Thus, while life is solid, his life began when the sperm nucleus the parent company has merged with the nucleus of the mother of their egg, or at fertilization. [The Christian News (January 13, 1986), p. 8]

Due to the discovery of new research methods such as electron microscope, scientists can now see the small cell and gene composition of a living body. They actually observed the formation of the human being from long as the genes of the mother and father are united. Consider the following description of what happens during the first weeks after conception:

"In [the first seven weeks], cells exert their actions more complex, organized into models that give the embryo its human form. Towards the end of the week gutterlike third groove in the back folds into a neural tube – the future of the nervous system. As the tube is closed, the brain takes shape, already differentiated back, middle and forebrain. An embryo of five weeks, only one third inch long, is a marvel miniaturization: the limb buds send shoots whose trademark dimples [source begins to form his] hands and feet, and hindbrain became stalked glasses. At the seventh and eighth weeks, look at the face of the human embryo, depend on the joints of the hands and fingers and the divergence primitive external genitalia appear … After eight weeks nearly all internal organs are in place and the embryo, almost an inch long, appears very small.

"At this point [eight weeks after conception], 95 percent of known structures, characteristics and organs, nerves and tiny muscles in the fingers are there, "said Dr. Ronan O'Rahilly, an embryologist at the University of California Davis (Newsweek, January 11, 1982, p. 37).

Three phases of development

Reflecting on methods of birth control, it is important to understand something about the process by which the ovum of the mother is fertilized and becomes then a fully developed child.

The process can be divided into three phases – 1) fertilization, 2) the implementation of growth 3).

During fertilization, the father's sperm penetrates the ovum of the mother. What happens in the womb of the mother near the fallopian tube. It was then that the genes of the mother and father come together to make life new human offspring. To stage, the developing child is called in medical terms, a zygote, which is a Greek word meaning "together. "

Then, the small, developing person continues his journey to the uterus, where it becomes attached to the uterine wall. It is the implementation and occurs between 5 and 8 and is completed by day 9 or 10 (The Merck Manual, Fourteenth Edition, p. 1708).

The developing child is now called an embryo, which is a Greek word meaning "swell." This is a very good term, because the new cells grow in small a breathtaking pace. For a short time the development of the embryo is nourished directly from the uterus until the placenta and umbilical cord are developed.

After that, there remains only the baby grow faster than the body forms. After about eight weeks, the child is called by the medical term "fetus" is the Latin word meaning "offspring."

Process design incredibly complex and beautiful "is described by a physician as follows –

"First, it turns ovary, deeply inside the body, which, driven by an unknown force, once a month for the opening of the funnel, but at the end of the fallopian tube. On the surface of the ovary is a small bubble, a bubble that contains the egg alone, for some mysterious reason, has emerged from a field 250,000 to mature this month.

"Suddenly, the bubble bursts. Triggered by a surge of hormone Luteinizing eloquent brain chemical messenger, contracts markedly and ovarian mature egg bursts etc.. The fringes projected onto the end of the fallopian tube to reach fingers to grasp the egg] Egg [and shoot in the narrow tube tunnel. In a dream ballet in slow motion, thousands of small and eyelashes curly caress the maturation of eggs and gently move along its four-day trip to four inches to the uterus.

"Guided by a mechanism to make sense of the nature of which we can only guess, the sperm swim up the barrier of the cervix of the uterus into the uterus itself. They must then navigate the entire length of the uterus and swim in the upper oviduct narrow and dark to find and fertilize the egg.

"The precisely orchestrated process, coordinating the myriad details of biodiversity incredibly complex. It is, for example, but this time of the month in which mucus produced by the cervix allow sperm to pass through the cervix and uterus. At other times of the month, the molecules form a mucus shading pattern to block sperm so they do not reach an egg too young or too old to be properly fertilized, producing a distortion baby. In time, however, the molecules realign the mucus, forming microscopic tunnels to help the sperm on their journey.

"The biochemical communication system that organizes all this is so sophisticated that it allows the transfer of technology radiation planetwide satellites orbiting a breeze. When you finally found the sperm of the egg, they secrete a series of enzymes that soften the outer layer of egg and make it permeable. Meanwhile, other chemicals secreted into the tube that you have completed the maturation of the egg so it is ready to accept the sperm has penetrated the outer shell. The sperm and egg of genetic blockade weapons, a binding of a more complex biochemical, and mixed DNA and RNA father and mother to create a model from which a single human being will grow.

"Once fertilized, the egg completes its journey from the womb. The uterus, informed of the impending pregnancy through a complex system of chemical communication has become thick and rich "(Woman / Doctor: The Education of Jane Patterson, MD, New York: Avon Books, 1983).

As we have said, the whole process which harm us intentionally and knowingly to stop the growth of the fertilized egg, which is already a newly created, unique to human, is abortion. If the fertilized egg is not allowed to be implanted in the uterus, is dead. The only difference between this and a late abortion is the size and stage of development small offshoot of man.

METHODS birth control that lead to abortion

Many of our readers probably think, as we had not long ago that the contraceptive pill and other similar devices prohibit the act of fertilization. Indeed, as seen from medically proven facts, birth control pills have the potential to produce abortion after fertilization. The IUD, contraceptive pill and anti-progesterone pill is abortion really the new devices, because it prohibits deployment, thereby acting to destroy the living already booming microscopic embryos.

In an article entitled "Contraception: Hold On, May 5, 1986 Issue of Newsweek magazine, different types of birth control devices are discussed, which are still under development. After describing a drug that blocks the preparation of the uterus for implantation of a fertilized egg already, this statement is made: "Many experts believe that the anti-abortion climate would likely present outlook for the U.S. market, because, in effect, which induces abortion. "

What birth control drugs may produce early abortions fertilized egg, so recently a fact known and recognized by those who understand how drugs work. However, these facts are not known outside medical circles, and many are ignorant of these things. Hopefully that will include a wide audience.

The following shocking was published by the Lutheran for Life. The facts have been written by JC Willke doctors, MD, President of the National Right to Life Committee of America.


What is the mechanism of action of IUDs? It now appears that the medical opinion has crystallized a nearly unanimous vote. The presence of this foreign body in uterine cavity produces a foreign body reaction. It is a barren place (in general), an inflammatory reaction, which alters normal bodily fluids inside the uterus. This changes what had been a favorable environment for sperm migration and the subsequent deployment of the new man in a hostile environment. Some have described the liquid intrauterine product as containing "sterile pus." This fluid hostile environment can affect the migration of sperm from the uterus and tubes, and clearly no influence on the subsequent deployment.

Not too much has been said or written to indicate that the sperm are incapable of passing to the uterus, so to speak, could not occur at fertilization. Most surveys are telling us the same thing. A large number of sperm through the uterine cavity, go outside ovary, and fertilization can and does happen.

What is absolutely clear is that after fertilization, the process does not carry a pregnancy normally located. What are the mechanisms postulated to explain why she did not "get" pregnant? Curiously, almost all medical studies have demonstrated several mechanisms that prevent implantation in the lining of the uterus nutrient due to foreign body reaction and inflammation caused by the IUD. The end result, however, in almost all cases where fertilization takes place (A casual pregnancy goes to term with delivery and IUD in the uterus), it is followed by a process that leads to the destruction of the New DEVELOPMENT IN HUMAN UTERUS By his or their failure to implant. THIS might just be described as an abortion. Clearly It almost seems that the evidence main effect of IUDs is to act to prevent implantation.

The fact that he is described as an "agent" of contraceptives due to a change in the meaning of words by the Food and Drug Administration and American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology ten years ago when redefined the word "design" which means the deployment. In these semantic gymnastics is a contraceptive, but everyone knows the public understands that his action is an abortifacient.

Comment on another doctor must be made. In all likelihood, the IUD could eventually be withdrawn from the market within a reasonable time that has serious side effects. Pus sterile "mentioned above, not always sterile. Sometimes it is infected, resulting in varying degrees of inflammation organs of female infertility and time. All physicians practicing in the United States were reported several years ago, if they were to insert a specific type of IUD, Dalcon Shield, a woman who was his legal obligation to inform him that this can definitely make sterile. To protect against possible negligence meet later this authorization must be made in writing. With this concern, this particular type of IUD was removed. Whether or not other types of IUDs remain indefinitely in the market is an open question. It is at least possible it can be removed for health reasons before any law can do it (the news of the Christian, Jan. 13, 1986).


The pill is now over 30 different varieties of chemical combinations of synthetic equivalent estrogen and progesterone hormones women and the "mini-pill use of progesterone alone. Understand that there are different degrees of sharing with different pills, which have more effect and the other has more meaning may to some extent at least, be described in generic.

The combination pills are essentially perform three actions to "prevent" pregnancy. The first effect the pill is to prevent ovulation or egg release from the ovary. This has been described as the "freezing" ovary. Although sperm can not reach the ovary, fertilization does not occur because the egg has not been released. This action is accurately described as temporary sterilization, but in common usage is often called "action" of contraception.

First pill, Enovid, contained ten milligrams of the hormone estrogen. It was believed that its physiological function has been almost entirely on the temporary sterilization. Enovid-5 was then sold, to be followed by Enovid E (2.5 mg) .. Since that time, always lower estrogen levels are not presented in Consumer measurement is 0.5 MGM. MGM and 0.35. are commonly used.

The obvious reasons for reducing the dose of estrogen is to try minimize the risk of blood clot complications Blood.

In parallel with the reduction of the dose of estrogen, however, has been the development of breakthrough ovulation, that lower doses, apparently not succeeded in completely suppressing ovulation.

With the discovery that ovulation is now generally accepted that the actual fertilization sometimes occurs in people who take these pills, but as described below, These women usually do not get pregnant. "[This means that the fertilized egg is allowed only to be implanted in the uterus, he is killed.]

The second action is a thickening of the cervical mucus taken at the opening. Which usually occurs in early and at the end of a menstrual cycle with the capture of melt in the middle of the stage and is replaced by an egg as the white fluid containing the elements nutrients, which are "friends" for the passage of sperm. The combination pill prevents that happening in the middle of the cycle, keeping the plug, as that this was probably true "anti-fertilization of action, preventing the entry of sperm.

The third function of combined pill is anti-establishment and anti-nidatory. When this option is the function that is dominant in the given month, there is no passage of sperm, is no fertilization and migration of the young man through the tube and the uterus, but implantation does not occur. This is because the action Pill to "hardened" The wall of the uterus, has created a hostile environment, and small multicellular human can not deploy. This function is an abortion in a week of life.

There is no definitive medical agreement on the percentage of times that this function occurs in women and the pill (The Christian News 13 January 1986).

The Mini

The mini-pill is a form of contraceptive pill different combination of estrogen and progesterone above. It contains only a small dose of progesterone. It is taken daily, 30 days per month, instead of 21-7 for the timing of the combined pill. It allows a menstrual flow occurs every month, while the pill is taken. There is controversy about whether its action is not primarily in the prevention of implantation as well as other mechanisms of action have been suggested, Scientific general law but is now in substantial agreement. It seems that this makes a substantial amount of ovulation discovery, probably during fertilization TIMES. When fertilization takes place, "prevents pregnancy" AN ANTI-organization of an action. This action is described as an abortifacient effect. "

Morning after pill

DES or diethylstilbestrol is a synthetic estrogen. Given high dose in the days after sex, she is known as the morning after pill. What is your role? This fact is illustrated by two examples.

In the first, a woman is raped at midnight on Saturday and DES is given at 2 h in a hospital emergency room. In a few hours ago a high level estrogen in the blood. His body was scheduled for ovulation 24 hours later at midnight on Sunday. The high level of estrogen, blocking ovulation, fertilization does not occur, and it can not be pregnant. This effect is a temporary sterilization.

In second case of rape, also occurs at midnight Saturday, and the drug is administered at 2 hours. This woman, however, has ovulated several hours before rape. The egg set. Fertilized. It has also not "pregnant", but the mechanism of action is completely different. The drug had "hardened" wall of the uterus. The boy or girl multicellular, about a week, could not implant and he died. This mechanism has been an abortion.

mechanism that occurs in a particular case may very well not known, but the sterilizing occur probably two or three times for each action aborted.

Other drugs such as injecting progesterone are often used instead of DES, as well as other forms of estrogen. Without going into details, we can say that its mechanism of action is essentially the same "(The Christian News 13 January 1986).


As we know, these substances cause the appearance strong uterine contractions and the baby of any size uterus contains. If used before [the viability before the baby is able to live outside of the] uterus, which is the equivalent of abortion.

The first license, Prostin F2 alpha, held a directive FDA's Food [and Drug Administration] which limits its use for induction of abortion at mid-quarter only. Later, Prostin 15M A2 and were redundant. These have now been approved for therapeutic use of various medical conditions (uterine inertia, Hyatidaform malignant soft, non-abortion). [This study was reviewed before publication by Matthew Bulfin, MD, Thomas Hilgers, MD, and Richard Schmidt, MD] (The Christian News January 13 1986).

The fact that modern pills birth control can not work and time as an abortifacient (although they often use different words abortifacient) is freely admitted by the Food and Drug Administration for medical books as "Tower Medical Reference (PDR) and 85 nurses Manual; books pro-abortion, as my body, my health by Felicia Stewart, MD, of the pro abortion groups such as family planning, by pharmaceutical companies in documentation accompanying the pill, and some no medical reference books as Random House Dictionary College. quotations from these sources below:

"How the IUD prevents pregnancy is not fully understood. Several theories have been proposed. IUDs seem to interfere with somehow with the implantation of the fertilized ovum in the uterine cavity. The IUD prevents ovulation "(Federal Register, Part III, May 10, 1977, Ministry of Health, Education and Welfare – Food and Drug Administration "Intrauterine Devices," p. 23781).

In describing the mechanism de-Parke Davis Norlestrin the family of the contraceptive pill, read this announcement PDR:

"Although the main mechanism of action is inhibition of ovulation, alterations in the genital tract, including changes in cervical mucus (which increases the difficulty of sperm penetration) and the endometrium (which reduces the likelihood of implantation) may also contribute effective for contraception "(Tower Medical Association Medical Reference Business Administration, copyright, 1985, p. 1548).

This same warning is given for Lo / Ovral and Nordette family contraceptive pills marketed by Wyeth (RDP, pp. 2255 and 2266).

"… Progestogens also causes endometrial changes that prevent implantation of the fertilized egg" (Nu rsing 85 Drug Handbook, Company Spring House, 1985).

"In a natural cycle, thickens the lining of the uterus under the influence of estrogen during the first part of the cycle and then matures under the influence of estrogen and progesterone after ovulation. This sequence of development is not possible during the cycle of the pill because the estrogen and progesterone are present throughout the cycle. same ovulation and conception occurred, the successful deployment unlikely "(Felicia Stewart, MD, Felicia Guest, Gary Stewart and Robert D. Hatcher, MD, my body, my health, Consumer Union's GSP. 169,170).

"The endometrium (uterine lining) is certainly affected by oral contraceptive … The change may prevent the implantation blastocyst [the fertilized egg, the offspring] newly created "(Planned Parenthood grant application submitted on September 1, 1982).

"For example, the pill can affect the movement of the fertilized ovum in the uterus or prevent it from holding in the wall of the uterus "(Changing Times" What you know about the pill " July 1977, p. 21).

"Pills: oral contraceptives for women inhibits ovulation, fertilization, or implantation of an egg fertilized, resulting in temporary sterility "(Random House College Dictionary, revised edition, copyright 1982 P. 137).

How often do the pill causes an abortion?

A question that many people immediately ask is: "How in some cases, certain that all types of modern contraceptive pills can sometimes function as an abortifacient, as often as they work this way? This is 10% of the time? It is 00,001% of the time? It is a percentage that is high enough to be meaningful in my attitude toward the pill? "

Absolute percentages are impossible to obtain. There are many variables, too. However, doctors and scientists are able to obtain realistic estimates of their research. Here are some numbers:

1. Planned Parenthood state in their request that the hormones contained in the mini-pill "to prevent ovulation and training corpusluteum approximately 1 / 3 cycles. "This means that 67% of the time, women using the mini-pill has a real chance of a mistake silent" in a given month.

2. Albert D. Lorincz, MD of The Pill – How it works? He cites a study in which 1200 women received .5 mg progesterone (An amount equivalent to control many pills). However 60% of these women ovulated. This means that 60% of women on the pill had a real chance of silence "error in a given month.

3. JC Espinoza, MD, writes in his book Birth Control: Why they lie to women? Page 27:

"When ovulation occurs, pregnancy is possible. Years ago, Roland has produced ovulation 30% of women taking estrogen-progestin preparation (combined pill). It is now clear that in at least 5% of women in all cycles of pill "ovulation escape "occurs. This fact means that conception is possible during these cycles, but the deployment will be avoided and the fetus (child) will die. This rate is statistically equivalent to an abortion every two years for all women on the pill. Mini-pills have a much higher rate of ovulation. block the pituitary to prevent ovulation is obvious that in 50% of cycles. Design, then it is possible for every two months. This new pill may cause abortion of 50% of time – six for each year of use. The low dose of progestogen-only pill does not prevent ovulation. With a pill is a small percentage of pregnancies that go to the end. "

Some doctors may give slightly different figures, but the evidence is clear – each pill for birth control can and modern, sometimes acts as an abortifacient. The IUD works strictly as a abortifacient.

That should I do if I'm on the pill or IUD?

Your heart can be disrupted today. You used the IUD or contraceptive pills modern, not realizing that it could be aborted. You're probably wondering: "I could have an abortion alone? Or even more of them: "I could have ended the life of a child that God wanted me to have? "

The answer, of course, is God only knows. This is a clear possibility that you have had a quiet abortion, if not several. Nowhere in Scripture does God's promise to keep us committing sins in ignorance.

At this stage, we can praise the Lord for His great mercy. The Scriptures promise: "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness "(1 John 1:9). In addition," He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them shall have mercy "(Proverbs 28:13).

Contraceptive methods that do not destroy A NEW LIFE

We said that any form of birth control, which destroyed life that has been created by linking the men and women of genes is bad because it is a form of abortion. It may be called the silent abortion, abortion or microscopic, "or any other term, but still abortion, and as such constitutes a violation of the Sixth commandment – "Thou shalt not kill."

The question remains: Are there appropriate methods of birth control that Christians can practice? It is contrary to the will of God for Christian couples to try to prevent pregnancy?

The first question can be answered much easier than the second. There are methods of birth control that really keep the sperm and ovum of the Union, and therefore do not include not the destruction of life. We will analyze them, and for more than a couple more details you can contact your doctor or qualified books on this subject:

1. Condoms. Used by the husband, they are readily available in most areas, are inexpensive and are effective when are used correctly.

. VAGINAL 2 foams, creams and suppositories. They are used by women and are also very effective when used correctly. They kill or immobilize sperm and, in some cases provide a mechanical barrier to sperm. According to the Merck Manual, "As women age, the effectiveness of these agents significantly increased the women aged over 30 years, is similar [In] the effectiveness of the IUD.

3. Diaphragm. It is a device that is used by the woman and sperm blocks from entering the cervix. He should be carefully fitted by a doctor and the woman must know how to insert the cervix is Covered … contraceptive jelly or cream must be used with the membrane …."

4. Rhythm. For method calendar, to succeed, women must be a regular menstrual cycle. To determine the abstention period of 18 days should be subtracted from the reducing the duration of 12 cycles and 11 days longer. Thus, if the cycles of women varies between 26 and 29 days, the couple must refrain from … 8 days 18 days each cycle. A more effective method is based on measuring women basal body temperature every morning before rising … Even with this refinement of the Technically, the rate of failure rate of the method is estimated at around 7% without the use of temperature recording, the failure rate is several times higher "(The Merck Manual, pp. 1699.1700).

Due to the fact that the couple is obliged to refrain from responding the needs of others for about one third of the time, I fear that this method is dangerous, given the warning in 1 Corinthians 7:1-5.

5. Sterilization. It is very difficult to reverse the effects of the sterilization procedure, and it is said that these changes come into force only 30% of the time (The Merck Manual, p. 1705). Therefore, this decision must be considered permanent. As it is impossible for us to know what the future holds, it would seem that sterilization is a wise person or a couple to do. What if my spouse dies and I at a later date to have more children? And if something happens to any or all of our children? Sterilization means there is little chance that we could have more children.

We are not saying that these methods can be used for the Christian, we are not saying that they wrong. But we have listed, because they are the methods of birth control by which the egg is not fertilized and thus a new life is not destroyed.

About the Author

This material cannot be stored on BBS or

Internet sites without permission from the author. Any articles

which are redistributed by e-mail must be left intact and nothing

must be removed or changed, including these informational

headers. Copyright 1995 by David W. Cloud. All rights are

reserved by the author. David Cloud is editor of O Timothy, a

monthly magazine. Annual subscription is US$20 FOR THE UNITED

STATES. Send to Way of Life Literature, Bible Baptist Church, P.O.

Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061-0368, The Way of Life Internet web

site is

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Establish an office of his home wireless system

If you used any type of wireless device – phone, computer laptop, PDA or even a simple remote control – you know how it can be. You're not tied to … Well, nothing. And you free to move while doing their work.

One area that is ripe for mobile is a sound in your home or office system. After a dream, is now relatively cheap and easy to configure such a system. Imagine that you can listen to your digital music wirelessly – you probably most components already. For a few hundred dollars or less, you can have an exceptional sound system wirelessly.

Why go wireless?

Clearly, the main advantage of going wireless is turned off in all those pesky cables have been the bane of audiophiles for decades. With wireless, you can place the speakers anywhere in your house without being limited to the duration over which connects to your audio system.

If you're like many people today, you probably have more songs in MP3 digital format that you have on CD. Maybe you tore CDs and / or download music on the iTunes Store or other online music providers popular. It is easier to play these files directly from your computer instead of burning to a CD and having to fumble with the discs.

And let's face it: no matter the quality of your speakers PCs are, they can not compete with a good set of stereo speakers. Channeling his speakers for music, even in another room, does increase your enjoyment listening.
How it works

A wireless sound system works sort of like radio. A transmitter is connected to a device – usually a computer – that stores and reads music. The

receiver, connected to a stereo or a set of speakers, pick up the signal from the transmitter. There are two how signals can be sent by

transmitter – analogue and digital.

Analog is similar to the FM band (FM radio frequency). The signal is strong and constant, but the signal frequency varies slightly depending on

information to be transmitted. If you still listen to terrestrial (as opposed to satellite), radio, you're probably familiar with the FM. The signal quality is

well and the signal strength is correct, but may be hindered by obstacles (such as walls) in the signal path.

Digital, on the other hand, converts the sound data packets electronics. In the case of a wireless audio system, these data are sent into the air from a

transmitter and data are converted into audio when it reaches the receiver. This is the very principle of a wireless connection to the Internet.

Wireless devices, such as those described in this tip Tech, operate in a range of specific frequencies – typically between 900 MHz to 2.4 GHz frequency range This is used by most consumer devices wirelessly. This means that a level of signal quality, but also can lead to interference from other devices. Fortunately the material used to create a wireless audio system allows you to select different frequencies to prevent or at least minimize interference.

Way to go wireless

There are a few ways you can go wireless. If you're an iPod user, you can transform your gadget in a transmitter of the music using the Wireless Music System for iPod from Logitech. This device clips to your iPod, making it a transmitter. You can connect a base station to your stereo or a set of small speakers and you can use the controls of the iPod Shuffle you can through songs or play your favorite games list.

You can also get FM transmitters for certain brands of MP3 player. The transmitter – such as iRiver AFT-plugs 100 or Belkin TuneCast II – on your MP3 player and literally send the music on the device to an FM receiver. This receiver can be a stereo or even a car radio. Essentially, the transmitter turns your MP3 player in a season of short-range radio. The range of these devices is limited – a dozen of 30 feet. But on these distances, the signal is clear and has little or no interference.

Or, you can use a computer (which is often called a media server) for storing and transmitting audio. You do not need an update, the speed of light system with the latest version of your operating system (even if it does not help), either. Former PC with Windows XP and with a reasonable amount of RAM and a hard disk of appropriate size is usually more than enough. I know that at least two people that old office eMachines with 512MB of memory and 80 GB disks in the media server maintenance. Using a software media player – Like Windows Media Player, iTunes, RealPlayer, Winamp, or – you can create playlists or play all your audio files in bulk.

A popular way for turn a PC into a sound system is the Logitech Wireless Music System. This device consists of two parts. The first is a small transmitter that you plug into a USB port on your computer. The second is a receiver that connects to a stereo or a set of wireless speakers. Then, simply turn on the Media Player on your computer and you're ready to go.
The Linksys Wireless Media Center Extender radio not only video but also audio and Internet. The Extender is like a DVD with a small antenna on the back. Connect Extender directly to your TV or radio, then install the software that interacts with the Extender on your PC. To use

Media Center Extender the computer must be running Windows XP Media Center Edition, you need a wireless network running.

Apple has always had an advantage on PCs in multimedia. If you have a Mac and a recent Internet connection speed, you can turn the Mac into a media server using a station AirPort wireless base. Just connect the AirPort base station on your stereo or powered speakers, and let your Mac and iTunes does the rest. According to Apple, iTunes automatically detects the base station and you can start playing music. However, at $ 99, AirPort base station is not good market, especially if you want your audio routed in several places in your home.


Getting a good sound from a wireless system – or any other audio system for that matter – is partly a question of having a good source of audio work and in particular

a question of having a good set of speakers.
The great thing about a wireless sound system is that you do not need to buy a new set of speakers. If you have a stereo, you can use

speakers that you already have. If course, if you can you allow a new set of speakers can not hurt. The only problem with the use of stereo speakers you are

always limited by the speaker cables. Your sound source can be anywhere, but the position of speaker is limited to the length of cable connect


wireless speakers, on the other hand, can you get rid of this limitation. You can (within reason) speaker position where you want in your home or even

OUT. Most are light enough that you can position anywhere. With more speakers wireless, however, must be placed near an electrical outlet

taken – the limit where we can position speakers. There are lots of wireless speakers, but most of them have just a load of about

four hours. Since the batteries are exhausted, so that the quality of their fate themselves.

You can expect to pay hundreds of dollars for a set of wireless speakers decent. Models Panasonic, for example, can cost $ 200

$ 1.700 million. Acoustic research or JBL will cost a bit more. But like anything else, you get what you pay for. Sound quality

vai be better with a little more sophisticated speakers. That said, you should buy what you can afford and if you can afford.
Normally you can find some good deals on online retailers –, for example.

Course how you position your speakers in a room is almost as important as choosing the right speakers. How you position your speakers will depend theSize room and provision. You can find some good advice on this subject here and here.
Some caveats

Remember a wireless audio system has a limited range – about 30 feet to 100 feet, plus perhaps a little. It not a problem at home, but if you want to listen to music, then you can experience a drop in sound quality.

Speaking to speakers external, although it may seem like a good idea to have your favorite music room to play at a barbecue or the outer part, Remember that many speakers are not intended for outdoor use. They can be damaged by the time requested or negligent. If using the speakers of the battery, remember that the battery life is limited – probably (hopefully!) Lower the duration of your party.

In addition to this, the sound is sent to the speakers can not arrive at the same time, depending on the media center of the columns are defined.

In most cases, you may not notice problems with the sound. Sometimes, however, you probably will notice a slight delay. If this occurs, then you will

experience with the placement of your speakers.

As mentioned earlier, most wireless devices operate in the same range of frequencies. Some wireless speakers operating in the range of 900 MHz This is the

range of frequencies used by many common household wireless devices such as cordless phones or baby monitors. You can find the interference of these devices in your home or even those used by a neighbor (depending on the proximity of the nearest neighbor's life with you).


For less than a pair one hundred dollars (more if you want to splurge), you can set up a sound system wireless home or office decent.

Installation and Configuration hardware and software does not take long and once the task is out of shape, you can enjoy your music anywhere in your office without worrying about homeor with nets (or stumble) a node cables.Or unsightly, you can simply buy things in liquid, such as

About the Author

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Ferrules Black

Ferrules Black

Cleveland CG12 Wedges Fantastic Club —

The Cleveland Golf CG12 Black Pearl Wedge combines a classic design with advanced manufacturing processes corner. GC12 in each corner, the grooves are machined to size maximum using a factory owned by little CNC create envelopes that extends from the geometry. To improve shot consistency the new geometry groove has been coupled with an innovative coating to ZIP Grooves Cleveland is more precise and visible wedge technology conforming golf to date.

The GC12 is available in two finishes: chrome and black pearl. As you can see the pictures, I played two parts in chrome. Chrome versions are very bright – I have seen some hot spots of reflected light around my ball when the game during sunny days. The guy is attractive sand up and down and around each slot, resulting in a brightness that allows minimize glare.

The hosel length and two black tip and white rings are quite simple, but I want the same approach had been taken to the rest of the club. Cleveland logo appears on the back of the club, but the designers found it necessary to include the word "roadmap" Cleveland "on the sole of the club. Not only complicates what would be a very clean design, but it becomes difficult to clean with only a towel.

Despite the addition of one for the name, the CG12 Cleveland wedges are not successors of GC11. Indeed, determining the parents of the GC12 are difficult: the weight and even remember the GC10 588 even revered, but with a bit of a board feet and square. They probably updated the GC10: CG11 models are to forgive and CG10 CG12 and are for players a little better.

We tested: 46 / 8 (Go loft /) 48 / 8, 50 ° / 10 °, 52 ° / 10 °, 54 ° / 12 °, 56 ° / 14 ° 58 ° / 12 ° and 60 ° / 10 ° steel shaft

Our Group Says:
FOR: spinning corners Great, that means more control, the gameplay is king, has good players and a ball flight repeating ideal trajectory control of turnout gear, feel useful and the information that you know what you do, mid-handicappers find these so easy to use, the extraction is quick and painless, no matter lie.

CONS: aggressive grooves were used, they have a point where if you go straight into the hole, not more forgiveness of off-center strikes than normal corner

About the Author

Adjusting Your Urban Poles

Grip Power

Grip Power
Why America wants to keep control of world power, does not know who has the power to change?

What is real, I just want be real, no feelings, no bias, only face the world head

Ignore the other posters … You are 100% correct, my friend actually the power to change. History teaches us this fact clearly. It seems that the only lesson we learn from history is that we learn nothing.

Grip Power PuistoBlues 2009

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