Silver Finish

Silver Finish
BITD: Sopwith Motorsports Silver State preview Sopwith Motorsports Indianapolis vying for victory in the first all-terrain Best in the Desert Racing Association Silver State race in the desert 300 April 24 in Alamo, Nevada.
Silver Quickstep – Natural Turn, Back Lock, Running Finish

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Iomic Putter

Iomic Putter

Ping Karsten B60 Putter Only $ 109.99 In

Ping Karsten B60 Putter Only $ 109.99 In

For golfers prefer to keep a steel face with an insert feel, the Ping Karsten Series putter meets the criteria. An elastomer insert in the cavity can feel better while maintaining the solid response of a steel bat to face. weight gain of the cavity New forms have been redistributed to the perimeter to increase each putter (MOI MOI) for forgiveness said. alignment aid several levels are designed for most models.


With this line, had a elastomer insert Ping and placed behind the face and not about it. This allows you to feel a bit stuffy, but it completely avoids a major problem that may occur with insert putters: the inconsistency. Think of us as an insert in this putter piece of lead tape inside the cavity. It will change the sound and feel of a race, but it is still a steel putter face. Off center hits are still detectable but they are not as punishing as they formerly. The entire range Karsten gives a good solid click when you hit the ball.

Each putter in this line: Anser, Anser 2, B60, C67, Craz-E, Piper and Zing is available in color Pinging is coded. As you can see on the table, these putters are now running a bit heavier than they did in the past. The weight is constant in all lengths as well. Standing at 5? 7 ", which means a lot to me to be able to find a 33 "Putter, and a truck without custom command.


ModelRH / LHWt.Adj. Anser Anser two ± 340g 4 2, 340g ± 340g two two B60 4 ± 4 ± 2 345g C67 two Craz-E ± 2 times 370g ± 365g 340g Piper as Zing 2 ± 4

I have been owner of an Odyssey White Hot XG # 7 and the biggest problem was that the brochure was very uneven. I want to make a putt of three feet short and the other would be two feet beyond. It was not as visible on putts under 10 feet, as has been the most expensive. My B60 Karsten has this problem. It is very consistent to all distances.

Ping chose its decline at the end of this line is greatly appreciated. My past Scotty Cameron putter is a Design Studio 1.5 and the finish was so bright that at least once per turn, I would be blinded by the sun. It does not happen at all with the B60.

I chose the B60 putters on other online because of its ease of alignment. The shape of the head with the line alignment the cavity and it is very easy to do directly in the hole. Getting the right line depends only on his reading of the green and takes the guesswork out of proper alignment.

The B60 I bought came with a Winn grip that is the silver and black with small k all this (Scotty Cameron Baby T). I'm not really a fan Winn grips that I used to use a Iomic pressing, but I think it will stay. I rode with a brush, squeeze and Winn grip is colored perfectly for me the position of your right hand to the same place at the bottom of the handle at once.


I'll be completely honest, after driving this putter for the last two weeks, I feel like an idiot all. Not because I missed putts. By Rather, it stems from the fact that I spent $ 200 on my Scotty Cameron noted that for $ 89 I could have a club I loved so much. I could sell my Scotty and the purchase of my two new putter and a golf bag.

While in the store, I played with other putters on the line too. The Anser is a very good offer and it seems little more rounded this time than previous versions. The Craz-E was a more bearable to look with the new colors of blue over black line that was used in the G5.

I can see staying in Karsten B60 my bag for a long period. The line is a little Karsten return to the original design for each style putter with innovations. Priced under U.S. $ U.S. $ 100, nobody in the market for a new putter needs to take a serious look. In fact, anyone with an extra five minutes and pro shop take a look around. You might be surprised to see the light.

Note: All our golf clubs manufactueres original and they have a 1 year warranty. If you find any quality problems when you receive it, we can replace it for you. If you show an interest in a golf club, Please contact us by email or LiveHelp. We will reply as soon as possible.

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