Pride Dual

Pride Dual

Expressing pride and commitment to their school / college

Having the opportunity to attend school was one experiences of life, which always has an impact on my journey through life. With this experience and always a little more sensitive (for older), with the expression of pride in my body is something I love and feel is essential. I have no problem walking, talking in the open air my school (Southern Illinois University â € "Go Salukis!) Even with many of my stories during my trip. This activity has a dual effect. For me, is a reciprocal response that he said my body is happy and grateful graduate of the contribution to the world and demonstrates the commitment and discipline in his boat. This type of characteristics to continue to enjoy my institution.My was fabulous. It seems like just yesterday that I'm about campus or attend classes or meet many friends enjoy great pizza or playing football on a cold Saturday morning, we started our first tailgating ritual. Yes, the years are unforgettable, and certainly an impact. How to continue to higher levels of my career I have always been my school experience, classes, teachers and friends. Each reflection increased my admiration and pride at Southern Illinois University. With many of We unanimously that our College has played a role, where we are today, we must also continue to express the pride and commitment of our organization. There are several ways to express pride for the university. Let's look at some of the fundamental methods: Give students the old â € "is at the heart of the financial institution survival.Participation Student groups â €" All students are in most major cities. Find your local branch and receive involved.Personal history â € "a simple conversation on their experiences during their school days could be of your interest institution.Institution goods â € "shirts, banners, stickers, hats are other ways to express your pride in the University. Even with the purchase of real universities, a source of income for sporting events institution.Attend â € "Many institutions have good sports programs, many recipes for the institution. Buy your tickets, tailgating, to participate in all activities contribute to soil line.Volunteer speak to youth groups â € "and the other half are high school students to people who actually show support. If we are talking about a group of young people that the impact of many graduates measure.Now the question, "Why should I express the pride of my body?" Many graduates believe they have enough for the institution. However, education only a percentage of the total cost of operating the facility. Many institutions for graduates, from day to day. Our college is the spine backbone of creativity in this global environment. Additional support for our institutions is essential to the success of our children. We give them the opportunity that some of the simple pleasures of his memories to life. I always worry about the short time Siu. The beautiful campus and an invaluable training tool for events social and friendships in life, my time to this organization will always be a part of my screen. Pride and express their commitment to the school or college! Support your organization!

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Son Of Magnesson’s Pride Dual Stage

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Big Bertha

Big Bertha
Is the Big Bertha driver in 2007 have a closed face cycle 11?

I recently bought this driver and it seems to me that you have a frown eyebrows on her. I'm having problems with my readers hanging now.

It should not be closed.

Big Bertha – Russian detective – First World War

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Matrix Ozik

Matrix Ozik
Specifications Ozike Matrix X-Conn 6?

I checked the specs on this shaft and they say it would launch a lower rod (Mid / High Kick Point), but when I read the reviews and talk to people who say it is a higher launch shaft. Has anyone of Additional information on the trajectory? Looking to put on my D3, if someone wants to get real technical trajectories, etc. Thank you.

Matrix website: Specifications Ozike Matrix XCON (X-Axis Control) shafts are built for high launch, low flight Ball spin. XCON 5-7 were all listed as high launch …… Only Hyb 8 is listed as a launch in the middle. If you are looking to start there … you need to find the edition Special Design Matrix XCON M2 axis. also be aware that although the shaft head and loft to help launch angle … makes your swing and the ball struck. I certainly would not spend big $ $ $ $ on a shaft that I had not really realized. As stated these areas are very expensive … Matrix I suggest you thoroughly investigate before plunking down Green.

Matrix Ozik Golf Shafts “SEE RED”

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Feel Golf

Feel Golf
How do you feel is less important than a green golf cart. "

You can think of a death that could benefit from the money spent by Obama in the "green golf carts? Personally, I'd rate of solar panels for my house, or a windmill.

Ask a player if the caddies rich green is important. He will tell you that having a golf cart comfortable ecological park your ass is more important than creating jobs for workers with low or reduce taxes for the middle class. In addition, you do not want a player to stand out by actually walking to the next hole and get some exercise. Simply switch the iron 3 is a chore.

Dr. Feel’s Golf Wedge Secret

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Aldila Nvs

Aldila Nvs
Golf driver Help !!!!! Fast?

I need to know what driver I need to get out of these 4 drivers. 1.Srixon W-506 Titanium Driver 10.5 ProLaunch 65R * MADE R7 460 blue 2.TAYLOR 10.5 REAX 60 shaft regular 3.CALLAWAY Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 TOUR 9.5 * DRIVER NVS-65 launcher 4.Cleveland 460 10.5 ° w / Aldila NVS 65 and a Golf Pride grip DUAL hardness. His 15 year old son of my birthday, it is golf team high school. Thank you

Hmmm let me first you want to know I'm 19 years old and have worked on a golf course 5 years. I know that my club. Do not get the Cleveland Launcher, which is a pilot too hot. Honestly I'd go with the Srixon. Fantastic company. But if you want a driver of a company that has your back, go with Titleist. If you are interested by purchasing a Titleist driver he 905R few out there who are for some years, or go with the 907D1 or D2 depending on your needs children. Taylormade has horrible customer support. Stay away from them if you can.

Golf nite

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Golf Pride

Golf Pride
Augusta Golf Martin would encourage young When Ben Martin Greenwood tees off at 11:30 Thursday at the Masters of Augusta National, he will have to made a few followers Greenwood. There may be more eyes on the performance of young Lakelands Martin.
2008 PGA Merchandise Show Golf Pride Grips,

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Fairway Woods

Fairway Woods

Choosing Golf Clubs

Ok Here are the basics. A golf club has three parts – head, Shaft and grip. A standard set of golf clubs consists of three clubs (driver, # 3 and # 5 went wild), eight irons (# 3, # 4, # 5, # 6, # 7, # 8, # 9 and PW ) and a putter – twelve clubs that total. Under the rules of golf, and we must all play by the rules, can lead to fourteen clubs in your bag so many golfers add a timber or other specialty iron.
Now, take a look at different types of clubs.

Drivers and Fairway Woods
These Clubs are for hitting longer shots. It is a basic form, but tends to focus on the issue. If a golf hole is a par four or five from tee to green, most of Golfers who choose to use wood.
The driver, or wood, has the lowest loft of a golf club. Loft is the angle of the clubface that controls trajectory and affects distance. The driver has a loft between 7 and 12 degrees. Better golfers have traditionally favored drivers with less than 10 degrees loft, which require much more skill to achieve.
Most golfers also have a 3 # and # 5 fairway woods as part of their arsenal. A # 3 wood has a loft 15 degrees, and a # 5 wood has a loft of 18 degrees. As the number of golf clubs, plus loft. The # 3 and # 5 wood are commonly called Wood Street, they are most frequently used during the second shot of play, when they are supposed to on the street.

Hybrids are a recent innovation in golf. A hybrid is a combination of iron and wood is an easier alternative to hit a long iron. Hybrids are versatile enough to be used in any situation. Hybrids are available in a range of four lofts – 16 (# 2), 19 (# 3), 22 (# 4) and 25 (# 5) degrees. Hybrids replace their equivalent number long iron, for example, a hybrid will replace a # 3 iron # 3 and # 2 in a hybrid can be used to replace a # 5 fairway wood.

Irons are generally used for shorter distances and more control than drivers and fairway woods. The closest is the green, more iron you will use. A standard set of iron consists of # 3, # 4, # 5, # 6, # 7, # 8 and # 9 and pitching wedge (PW). A sandwedge is generally a good option for the purchase of vaccines for the bunkers. The # 3 and # 4 irons are harder to reach as many iron. Many golfers choose replace the # 3 and # 4 iron with more wood mezzanine or hybrid which are easier to hit than traditional long irons resulting in comparable distances.

The corners are really just special plates. The corner is the first pitching wedge (PW), often being between 52 and 56 degrees in the attic. The Vice-President is the highest iron mezzanine in a standard set and lowest loft of the corners. Lob wedges range from 58 to 64 degrees and are used for pictures at close range and short to overcome the obstacles raised near the green. Wedges are extremely useful for the short game and it is useful to maintain the selection of them in his bag.
Sand Wedges are another type of wedge and are designed to get out of sand traps fear. They have a short stem and a face more inclined to get in under the ball out of a bunker.

As the adage goes "Drive for show, Putt Pasta." The putter usually gets you in the hole, then we can assume that the choice of the putter for your game is crucial. Putters come in various styles and types.: Short, belly, long and curved, center-hosel, heel-toe, mallet, and so on. When choosing a putter the main things to consider: weighting, balance and sensation. best putters provide alignment aids to help you visualize the line of the ball toward the goal.

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how to hit fairway woods!

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Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs
notepad local golf: Davis to oversee Golf U 242 "King of Aces" takes his vast knowledge of golf for the installation of new practices. Manciles Davis, who was the director of golf at the Woodlands Country Club golf professional and head Canongate, was the inauguration of Golf U-242 in April 17-18.
Basic Golf Equipment : Golf Club Shafts

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Grams Each

Grams Each

grass clinical and laboratory investigation of the poisoning Moldy mule in the herd in Bajura district of Nepal

Clin Laboratory Investigation of Moldy grass poisoning of cattle on the mule in Bajura district of Nepal.

Dr. Kedar Karki Senior Veterinary Services Tripureswor Central Veterinary Laboratory.

Narayan Mandal Agricultural Development Dr.Ram official DSLOA Bajura Nepal


A clinical research and epidemiology of sudden death syndrome caused by mules, including 22 from a flock of 1400 died in 0ctober-November 2009 in Bajura district of Nepal. These animals were used for the transmission of sound work mountainous region of Nepal. In the loss of these animals were fed exclusively with all grame.Normally healthy animals began to die suddenly. Initially, the suspected disease acute bacterial treated with broad spectrum antibiotics and vaccinated with the observation of bacteria near the herd of their raw vaccine.On first revealed grains fed to these animals during the rainy season was found 55-60% moldy in appearance. In post-mortem examination and congestion acute hemorrhage in the liver, lungs, heart, spleen and intestinal mucosa were found. Although the lesions in the cortex brain was found for all areas multifocal hemorrhage and necrosis, the presence of large excavations liquefaction necrosis Histopathology tissue from these organs revealed infiltration of mononuclear cells in tissue indicative of chronic nature of the use of moldy grain condition.Continous apparently 55-60% (grass) has been used as food. In the laboratory analysis of grain samples was the same 22,00000-83,00000 found containing CFU / g of Penicillium species of fungi. When the rest of the herd still using the same products treated with the binder loquor Antidegnala toxin (varishta) liver tonic, and as hepatocare immunocare controlled the mortality rate may be a sign of the syndrome is caused by moldy corn poisoning similar to condition Equine Encephalomalacia.Laboratory findings and response to treatment indicates that during the wet season and immediately after the rainy season, food grain storage will be detrimental to the equine species. During this period care should be taken to feeding grains to this animal if treated with a binder of toxins and immunomodulater herbs will reduce chances of this syndrome.


Equinelukoencephalomalcia, moldy grass poisoning, hepatocare, Varishta, liquor Antidegnala, immunocare, Mule Bajura, Nepal, Penicillium, UFC.


In Bajura district Barjugad far western Nepal, in October and November 2009, the herd of mules in 1400 against sudden death with symptoms such as sweating excessive shaking, lying on the ground. In a period of one month's death at weekly intervals of 5-6 mules has been reported that not respond to antibiotic treatment and other support. After obtaining a history and physical examination no lesions related serious diseases were present in the rest of the mule in the herd. it was discovered that the mules were fed grass and cracked and moldy servings rice that was being excavated bags stacked in the warehouse site. The mortality rate in the herd mule in this area was the same season reported in the year 2006 2007 and 2008, the mortality rate recorded at 3, 6, 33, to death this year from a total of 22 mule has been Autopsy recorded.Post death Mule revealed severe congestion of liver, lung, Speen, heart, fluid in the chest cavity.Haemorrhage serosangqinus mucosa of the stomach. At necropsy, lesions in the cerebral cortex was found None of multifocal areas of hemorrhage and necrosis, the presence cavitation large liquefaction necrosis.For blood.Liver bacteriology, lung, spleen, brain, heart tissues were collected on ice and the same tissues for histopathology were collected stool samples for endoparasite formaline.Blood examination.Feedgrains: Maize, Grame for identification mycological were collected.Mules quantitification herds were treated with 2% 5 ml alcohol Antidegnala S / C, and 2 ml orally 5 days toxinbinder Varishta feedgrain 10g/100kg, Hepatocare, immunomodulatory immunocare net for 10-15 days for the treatment and prevention measure.No higher mortality in the herd has been reported.

Results and discussion:

bacteriological culture of samples tissue from blood showed no growth from a survey revealed bacteria.Fecal Strongyels Joint spp.
Penicillium spp Mycological media.22.00000 CFU / GM mold colonies recorded in the rice samples carried 83.00000CFU/gm food and colonies of mold in a sample grass has been feeding changes recorded.Histopathological revealed fatty infiltration of hepatocytes.Mononuclear cell in the form of few nodules in the liver. perivascular cuffing. Infiltration of mononuclear cells in the form of nodules in the lungs. Deep medullary region revealed infiltration of mononuclear cells in the kidney.
The WBC seems to be increased in the area of the white pulp of the spleen. There were areas of liquefaction necrosis in the cerebral cortex with infiltration of macrophages. How about 55-60% moldy grams infestated with Penicillium spp being fed regularly with death, but acute sudden herd.Intermitent during post rainy season suggest the death due to fungal toxin. Murphy and Dr. Duane Steve Hoose 2003 reports of histopathological changes in the lungs, liver, brain, kidney center of necrosis with no recognizable structure will be observed in case of poisoning in horses moldy corn. The transition between normal tissue and necrosis often show hemorrhage, edema, vascular congestion Blood and neuronophagia. In animals with hepatorenal syndrome, the liver is swollen and diffuse yellowish brown. Irregular nodules and pale foci can be seen in the liver parenchyma. Karki reported in 2003 revealed the pathogenicity of Fusarium which causes liver congestion with congestion triaditis benign lung, spleen and lymphoid hyperplasia.Further a more positive response to treatment with adaptogen toxinbinder, immunomdulater confirm the sudden death due to moldy corn poisoning. This followed completion survey is suggested.
Results surveys show that feed grains and ingredients are infested with a mold toxic fungus is emerging as a new threat to health animals and the use of toxinbinder poultry.Simultonious, adaptogen like livertonic, mineralmixture and drugs Immunomodulaters promises to help minimize risks to the health of livestock and poultry should be analyzed.

1: mold poisoning HORSES Corn: (Equine leukoencephalomalacia Mark Russell, Ph.D., Department of Animal Sciences Don Scott, Ph.D., Department of Botany and Plant Pathology William Hope, DMV, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences Cooperative Extension Service Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907, Technical Bulletin No. 15 – Accessed 21/12/2009
2: FINAL-diagnosis Moldy Corn Poisoning (Equine leucoencephalomalacia, toxicity fumonisins) in horses: Dr. Steve Hoose, ADDL Toxicologist Dr. Duane Murphy, ADDL Pathologist Spring 2003 Newsletter http; / /. Accessed on 21/12/2009

3: the effects of mycotoxins avoid the impact on the health of your horse and horses performance.Mycotoxins Feed: By Trevor K. Smith, Ph.D., CPA…/mycotoxin2.jpg Accessed on 21/12/2009

4: Moulds and mycotoxins in corn: Jim Stack, Extension Research Plant Pathologist Division of the Institute Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln cooperating with the Counties and States United States Department of Agriculture.http: / / Archives.html, consultation 21/12/2009
6: Varishta:
7: assessment of pathogenicity in Fusarium graminearum mouse. Kedar B. Karki: PP14, Vetcon 2003, 7th Conference of State Veterinary 2003, Nepal Veterinary Association.
Thank Dr.Damodar Sedai, VIC, Dr.Salina Manandhar, Raj Panday Dr.Krishna Dr.Pragya Koirala Veterinary Officer and Lab Technician for all your contributions in the laboratory work and research.

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Senior Vet.Officer,Central Veterinary Laboratory Kathmandu Nepal M.V.St. Preventive Veterinary Mrdicine

Haul of LTTE weapons recovered..25.11.2009-itn news Sri Lanka

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Shafts Lot

Shafts Lot
Where can I buy a lot of hockey sticks broken for cheap?

I do a painting of trees hockey stick and I have great need for this, but I do not know Where can I buy this property sticks

It is time for spring. If you live in an area with many of the Italian population, make lots of old Italian gardeners around. When your tomato plant at their homes on a map and come back at night and steal your tomato stakes. You will have more hockey stick shafts, then you can shake a stick "no".

Let’s Play Aliens vs Predator – Alien – Part 6: Ventilation Shafts