Tigershark Super

Tigershark Super JumboThe Super Jumbo Lite Putter Grip may be the lightest of any oversized putter grip anywhere in the marketplace. At an incredible general weight of 67 grams, the Super Jumbo Lite weighs the exact same as a standard sized grip at 250% the size. Tiger Shark’s Super Jumbo Lite gives golfers the benefit of a much more stable stroke although maintaining the exact same swing fat and general fat from the putter.

The lightest jumbo grip about the marketplace
USGA Approved Dimensions: Wieght: 67 gm. (+/- 3 gm.), 10.75 inches long, and 1.59 inches in diameter
Proprietary Ultra-Tac Polymer is firmer and much more durable than materials in conventional grips
30% larger than greatest selling Tiger Shark Ultra-Tac grips
Reduces grip pressure
Eliminates wrist breakdown
Keeps the putter head square
Promotes a pendulum stroke

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