Cleaning Golf Grips

Let me start out by saying if the grips on your golf clubs are getting worn and starting to break down, it’s better for you game to replace those worn out grips.  That being said, there are many occasions when all you really need to do it to clean them up a little.

I find that when the weather gets hot and muggy, the sweat from your hands builds up on the club and makes them slippery and harder to hold securely when swinging the club.  It is at times like these when you need to work on them to bring them back to life.

So, how do you clean and rejuvenate rubber golf club grip?  Well, quite simply, all you need to do is to wash your grips with dish soap and a brush.  This gets all of the oil and dirt out of the grips when you wipe them down with a towel. The tacky feel will them be restored.  

Special care should be taken if you have those very soft synthetic or rubber grips as hard rubbing can break down those grips pretty quickly.

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