Arthritis And Graphite Golf Club Shafts

Do you play golf and suffer from arthritis?  If you do then there are a few things you can to to make playing golf more fun and less stressful on those joints.

One of the issues that occurs when you have arthritis and play golf is the fact that the golf club can vibrate when you hit a bad shot.  There is nothing that can put a shot into your arm more than hitting a thin 3 iron shot with steel shafts on a cold day.  The shaft vibrates up the arm and it feels like you arm will break in two.  Now, if you suffer from arthritis then it really hurts like the dickens.

For this reason, there are a few things you can do that can help relieve this situation.   If you are a fan of steel shafts for irons or woods, then one solution is to purchase shafts from True Temper than contain Sensicore.  Sensicore is a shaft insert that helps to reduce the vibration by adding a frequency tuned polymer code to the inside of the golf shaft.

golf grips for arthritis

A set of clubs with graphite shafts will also help to relieve the stress of mishits on the golf clubs.  If you arthritis has progressed  to an extent that swinging a club is difficult, then graphite is definitely the way to go as you can have clubs made with more flex in the shaft that will add clubhead speed for longer shots.   

Now, after making sure the golf clubs shafts are right for your condition, oversized grips are also reccomended to help reduce inflamation resulting from grip pressure during your round.

Dynamic Gold shafts

With the Sensicore option added, it’s a very sweet, plush-feeling shaft. The XL Lite is also a good option for senior men and women who are a little too strong for True Temper Release shafts.

Golf Equipment Tips

Graphite shafts and the True Temper Sensicore shafts have a bit softer feel. Advanced – Average golf score less than 80. Advanced golfers need the weight of the club head where it is needed most… right behind the ball.

Golfing with Arthritis

Golfers who suffer from arthritis have some equipment options that can keep them enjoying golf, and even bring them back to the game.

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