Draw Imix

Callaway Imix Draw DriverThe Callaway Imix Driver head is optimized for you with 460cc of carbon composite and titanium construction science that enables the manufactiurer to move an incredible amount of discretionary fat and put it where you require it most. Every weight/loft combination is uniquely created to actively influence your particular ball flight and get you farther down the fairway and closer towards the green. Maybe even correct on it. Standard models have optimized Center of Gravity positions, face angles and lofts that permit you to obtain the ball airborne very easily with distance-enhancing trajectories. There is a driver made with a draw face to help those players who slice the ball on a consistent basis.

Callaway IMIX Golf Clubs Instructions

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Titanium Offset Fairway Woods

Okay, so what’s the big deal about offset fairway woods.  First let’s look into the design of the golf club itself.

Many golf clubs in the early design were made without any offset at all.  This means that the shaft of the club would line up with the front face of the club when you look down the shaft.  As clubs began to be developed, many manufacturers used the hosel (the piece that connects the shaft to the head) to help the average golfer by creating an offset in the club.  This creates a distance between the shaft itself and the head of the club which in turn delays the impact of the head of the club on the ball.  

The idea here is that the average golfer does not roll over their hands at impact fast enough at impact and therefore the face of the club is left open and the ball tends to slice.  By moving the face back towards the right side (for right hand golfers), the lag lets the club return to square at impact as the hands lead the club through the ball.

Okay, so what are we talking about when it comes to fairway woods?  Well, it’s fairly simple really when you understand the physics and dynamics of the golf swing.  The longer the shaft, the harder it is to hit the ball square since the arc of the swing is wider than the shorter club.  Also, the longer the club the less loft on the face of the club itself which in turn accentuates the amount of slice that is created when you hit the ball if the face is open at impact.

Therefore, the greater the offset, the greater the correction will be given the same swing.  That is why many newer "game improvement" clubs have more offset, especially if you look at the clubs by comparing the offset through a range of irons from 3-9.  As the loft increases so does the offset to compensate.  

Now, when it comes to fairway woods, most of these titanium clubs are offset so that you can get more control out of the club even if you are a better than average golfer. 

Cobra Offset SZ Fairway Woods

For 12 to 16-year-olds, it has a full set of eight irons plus 1, 3, and 5 woods. Despite their intended purpose to project a ball close to the hole, each club is different to carry out specific types of hits.[…]

zr1 offset fairway woods

The ultra forgiving zr1 offset fairway woods are the front running clubs in slice correction. combine the features of an offset clubhead and a close low profile face make this for a very easy and forgiving club to hit. […]

Acer XK Draw Fairway Woods

The same technology we created in the standard Acer XK fairway series is transformed into an offset version for those players that suffer from a fade, push or slice and wish to hit the ball straighter. […]

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