Measuring Golf Club Shafts

The is one question that is important to answer when you decide to have custom made golf clubs that are fit specifically to your size.  An that question is "How do I measure golf club shafts?". 

The answer is fairly straight forward – the shaft is measured from the butt end of the club down the back of the shaft to a point where the club meets the ground.  

golf club shaft length

Okay, so what’s the big deal about that.  Well, the answer is the fact that all golfers are not created equal.  Some are taller or shorter than the "average" person and the club length should be the correct length for the golfer using the club in order to maximize the distance you can get from the swing.  If the clubs are too long, then they are harder to control and they will also not take the proper divot when swung in the proper fashion along the swing plane.  If the clubs are too short, then the golfer will have a tendency reach or dip down towards the ballin order to make proper contact.  This will result is a loss of power during the swing.

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