How much are old wooden golf club heads worth?

I recently went to an auction at an old golf repair shop. Among the items I won were dozens of wooden golf club heads (from the 1970’s & 1980’s) . I also have shafts and grips….but all of these items are separate and not completed (ie. they would have to be put together in order to make a complete driver). Any ideas as to whether the golf heads would have any sort of value? Thanks in advance.

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Golf Club Repair, Replacements, and Adjustments

This video talks about what you can do to change your existing clubs to make them more playable. For more specifics, check out the other posts in golf club making.

50% Off Club Regripping

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Golf club dent repair

I looked at my Wilson driver this morning and I noticed a dime sized den on the side, Is there a way I can remove this dent without causing damage to the club?

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Nike Golf Club Give-Away and Fitting Tips

Nike gave golf clubs and fit all of those who donated and played in the Dan Orlovsky Foundation Golf Tournament. Nike’s pros offered tips on how to pick out the right clubs, something that can make a big difference in your game. To find out more about the Dan Orlovsky Foundation log onto: danorlovskyfoundation . org . Keep up with our developments on our website ( and our stories here on youtube by clicking the little blue “presspass” just above this info. Thanks for watching and any comments/feedback!

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