Golf Club Fitting in Abu Dhabi

Hi. I live in Abu Dhabi and I would like to get my clubs fitted and maybe get a new shaft for my driver. Does anyone know of a GOOD and reputable place either in Abu Dhabi or Dubai to get my clubs fitted?

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Golf Shaft Removal Without Shaft Extractor

How to pull out the shaft without an extractor.

Here is a demonstration how to pull a golf shaft in about 30 seconds with your hands and a torch.

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Gorilla Grip Golf Grip Tape

Why is Gorilla Golf Tape Supposedly the Best One?

Is it becuase StukOnTapes Gorilla Grip Golf Grip Tape has been sold into the Golf manufacturing and Club Repair Industry for years and years and is now avalible to the individual golfer? Or maybe its becuase of its very aggressive Rubber Base adhesive system cast onto a 34# crepe carrier supported by a 60# Kraft Easy Release Liner. Or Maybe its that Gorilla Grip is easy to work with and provides the ultimate gripping solution for all your grip needs, be it Golf Grip, Tennis , Fishing Rods or wherever the need for conformability and extremely high tak and holding power is required.

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Golf club manufactureres with factories in China

What clubs does the company make in China?

By specific, what TM, Nike, Cleveland, Ping, Cobra, Calloway, Titlest, clubs. IE, Callaway X22, F9, Imix etc. I know not all are made there.
Maybe better question is what clubs are Not made in china? Example, where is Cleveland XLS made? TM has clubs in Japan not in US, there r-9 460 has weights also, where is it made?

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Fitting Clubs for Left-Handed Golfers

Are you a leftie? – then you should see this.

Simple Golf Tips – Lengthen Your Drive and Shave 7 Strokes off your Next Round Getting your left-handed golf club fitted can help you improve your swing by adjusting the shaft length, shaft flex, and grip size of your club. Learn about the importance of golf club fitting in this free online golf lesson video. Expert: Jason Wyatt Bio: Jason Wyatt is the Head Golf Professional at Sunningdale Golf & Country Club, in London, Ontario. Filmmaker: Melissa Schenk

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What is a better golf club brand Nicklaus or Powerbilt?

I am thinking about buying a golf club set and i came across the Jack Nicklaus V-Max 16pc Package Set and the PowerBilt Men’s Grand Slam XT Golf Set and i was wondering which one is better? also which brand makes better golf clubs?

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Custom golf club fitting for a beginner

I am going to start playing golf for the first time and was wonder whether I should buy a golf club set or get custom fitted. I’ve never played golf, never actually swung a driver, wedge, iron, or putter, so what should i do? thank you!!

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