Slow Swing Speed Junior Club Fitting

I am 5′ 1" junior. I’m not looking to spend a whole lot of money, but anything would be nice. I have a slow swing speed; I don’t know the exact but I know its less than 75mph. Wrist to floor is 28 inches and I’m a 25 handicap. I was looking at the Knight Intech Verdict because I like that cavity because it gets outta the rough well, which I am always in. If you know a set with that same cavity style or that set cheap please let me know also. Thanks in advance!

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Do Fathom golf clubs make your drives slice?

I have Fathom golf clubs and all my drives slice and Im telling you ITS NOT ME!!! My team mate’s dad has the same club set and he slices everything too. Do you know, is its the Clubs??? Will using one of those brush tees help?

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Golf Club Repair in Oklahoma City

This is a descent demonstration of replacing a shaft in a driver. It’s not that hard a process once you know what you are doing. ,Buddy talks about the Golf Outlet in Oklahoma City, OK and shows us how to rebuild a golf club shaft in and driver.

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Wishon Golf – What Does Custom Fitting Actually Do for Golfers?

This is a very good explanation of what custom fitting golf clubs is all about and why it can benefit you. He explains how golfers differ in terms of body type and swing that is very helpful.

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