What makes a ladies golf club a ladies?

i found new golf clubs online and they were classified as ladies, why?

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Head of golf driver keeps flying off. Time to scrap it?

A friend gave me a used Ping driver last year, and on my 10th swing with it, the head of the club flew off into the range. The shaft was cracked at the bottom, so over the winter I had it re-shafted with a mid-grade shaft. My first time at the range this year, the head flew off again; this time the glue had merely failed with no damage to the shaft. I took it back to the golf store, where they re-glued it for free. I let it sit for a couple weeks, then took it out to the course this past weekend. While warming up at the range, the head flew off yet again on only my second swing. I’ve heard so much about how difficult it is to break a club, even if you occasionally clip the ground in your swing, yet I’ve apparently gotten pretty good at it.

Should I just scrap this driver and get a new one, or is this an issue of repeatedly poor repair jobs? I’m very reluctant to hit the driver anymore, and I don’t have the same problems with my 3 and 5 woods.

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Wooden Golf Clubs

Here is a good question from one of our readers about the history of golf. I remember having a woman’s set when I was a kid with metal shafts painted to look like wood.

When did they stop making wooden golf clubs?

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