Genoa Lakes Golf Club

Lakes Course One of two impressive courses at the Genoa Lakes Golf Club, the Lakes course is the product of a brilliant collaboration between PGA champion Peter Jacobsen and John Harbottle III. The spectacular links-style course measures more than 7300 yards from the tips and, true to its name, incorporates water elements on fourteen holes, including both the native wetlands and the winding Carson River. The engaging Lakes course also offers four sets of tees, lush greens, rolling fairways and charming views of the eastern Sierra Nevada. Wildlife, including deer and waterfowl, can often be spotted meandering across the fertile landscape, which is dotted by reedy wetlands and groves of cottonwood Thanks to its two spectacular courses, the Genoa Lakes Golf Club has played host to a variety of groups and events including the Nevada State Amateur and the American Junior Golf Association. The club is also the annual site of the US Open qualifier in northern Nevada. Among its honors and accolades, Genoa Lakes has been named “Fourth Best New Public Golf Course in the US and Canada,” “One of America’s Best Courses You Can Play,” and “Third Best Public Golf Course in the State of Nevada” by Golf Digest. Golfers playing the Lakes can warm up on one of seven target greens, two practice putting greens and a chipping/bunker play practice area. Resort Course Situated just two miles from its sibling course at the Genoa Lakes Golf Club in the fertile Carson Valley

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How can I make adjusting to shorter golf clubs easier?

I’m kind of new to golf, I’ve been at it for only a year. This christmas I received a new set of golf clubs, and all my irons are about an inch shorter than my old set. Other than obviously hitting the driving range, is there anything else I can specifically do to make this process easier or faster? Anything that I’d have to change with my swing? I’m usually topping the ball right now and its frustrating. Any advice or tips? Thanks

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How to tell the fake golf club?

I recently sold a used “CLEVELAND HIBORE” club to a guy, but he unexpectedly claimed the club is “fake,” because of the following reason.

1. wrong grip 2.markings on shaft not the same place 3.shaft too flexible 4.ball makes hollow sound when hit 5. writing on back of driver different size

My question is as below,
1. Have you ever heard of the fake club sold on the market?
2. Do you believe his claim?

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Will getting golf lessons change my club fitting information? Will I still be 2*upright?

Okay, I just started getting lessons. I have a club fitting on Friday for new clubs. Will my "fitting" needs change as my swing (hopefully) improves? Or once 2* upright, always 2* upright?


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Wedge Doctor: Groove Sharpener

Here is an interesting tool that you can use to sharpen the grooves on your club for more backspin.

The Wedge Doctor ( professional regrooving tool for all your golf wedges and irons. This instructional video shows you how you can easily improve your golf game and instantly shave strokes off every round! Get great backspin on your short game. Regrooves both U and V grooves Made from ultra hard, heat treated tool steel that will sharpen your grooves like butter. Conforms to USGA guide-lines. It will never over-groove your wedges! It will maintain your wedges at their peak performance. Increases your backspin and overall accuracy. Visit us at for more information and to purchase this awesome tool!

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