Ping nFlight Trackman Computer Custom Fitting System

Available at Roger Dunn Golf Shops Santa Ana – Call (714) 558-0074 to book today

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Where is the best place to get fitted for golf clubs in the Washington, DC area?

I am looking for new golf clubs, am probably about an 18 handcap and not sure which brand I want… I would like to be able to try several different types of clubs and have a really excellent fitter determine what is best for me.

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Golf Groove Sharpener Video

Do you want to lower your handicap? Do you want more spin on the green? Do you want to improve your short game? Groove Sharpeners – Service, Sharpen and Repair U, V & Square Golf Club Grooves! Groove Sharpeners will sharpen and renew your golf iron and wedge grooves within a few minutes. Breathe new life back into your short game by sharpening the groove edges on your golf wedges. Regain the spin and overall control and consistency you enjoyed when your golf clubs were new. Have you ever stopped and wondered why the very best PGA golfers can stop the ball on a dime? Their skill is obviously the main reason, however if they were playing with golf club grooves that were beat up and caved in like most amateur players golf club grooves are, then they would not find it so easy. Sharpening your golf club grooves is like insuring your home – you have to do it. Groove Sharpeners redefines groove edges in minutes easily removing bent over metal. Keep your clubs legal 0.020″deep x 0.035″ wide at the clubs surface. All club groove designs UV Square can be rejuvenated by anyone following the full instructions enclosed. Find us on Facebook “Groove Sharpeners” Follow us on Twitter “GrooveSharp”

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