Why does carbon steel make it a good material for golf club shafts?

On both a micro- and macroscopic level.

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How to use a Groove Sharpener and Regrooving Tool

GroovePro.net brings you tips on how to restore your wedge grooves like new using a groove sharpener and breathe life back into your short game and regain the backspin, control and consistency of a factory fresh club face. See the world’s leading groove sharpener in action. Chosen by over 100000 golfers worldwide. The GroovePro Groove Sharpener removes bent over metal from the edges of all shapes of grooves, its purpose is to redefine the edges, so it does not matter whether the design is U, V or Square: the GroovePro Groove Sharpener will sharpen the edges of all irons. This is a revolutionary tool which will help you regain backspin and control of the golf ball. Don’t waste money on club reconditioning or on buying new clubs – this handy tool will refresh the grooves on your clubs, however old they are. 7 Reasons Why The GroovePro Groove Sharpener Is A Must Have: 1/ It Works. Tests have shown that by sharpening the grooves of your old wedges it will restore the grooves to like-new conditions. Revive your caved in grooves after all that ball hitting, stone and grit damage. The Pros play with new sharp grooved clubs; why should you struggle with battered caved-in grooves. With the GroovePro Sharpener youll give yourself the best chance to get the back spin, control and consistency that your game deserves. Spin it like a Pro! 2/ Conforms to USGA and R&A rules and regulations. There is nothing illegal about this tool or what it does to your club. 3/ Legally Restore U, V or

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Which of these golf clubs would make the best set?

hello so i am picking between 1 driver a set of irons and a putter the drivers:callaway hyper x driver or taylormade r7 driver. the irons: ping rapture v2 irons, taylormade burners or r7s or nike slingshots, and the putters: scotty cameron newport 2, taylormade rossa monza spider, or ping craz-e putter so i want to no wat would make the best pak

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Fitting Putters

Visit www.bellbay.caBell Bay Golf Club’s Golf Academy in Baddeck, Cape Breton Island, Award winning Canadian PGA Professional Ted Stonehouse, teaching putting fundamentals. Bell Bay Golf Club is one of Canada’s finest golf courses open to the public for daily green fee play, Bell Bay Golf Academy open to public for golf schools and private lessons. For more information please visit us at www.bellbay.ca

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What if golfers had to use only the same golf clubs and golf balls?

First off
1)I understand the businesses that will go bankrupt if the golfers were only restricted to certain golf clubs and golfballs (like everybody can only use a "regular" golf ball, nothing fancy and "aerodynamic" [sorry if I misspelled it] and that also goes to the same as the golf clubs, only one driver, chipper, putter, etc.). Many different business were started to provide different types of golf clubs and golf balls.
2) I also understand that this will take away alot of the "consumers" or regular people that play. Many people who enjoy the sport would be discouraged and not bother to play, making many golf ranges lose business because of the lack of consumers.

but I’m really curious if this sort of "experiment" would show a big amount of evidence that the golf clubs/golf balls play a HUGE part of the golfers games. I feel that people who go into golfing professionally should be able to play golf without fancy equipment.

Please do not insult this to get 2 points.
ah…I didn’t know that the PGA people have guidelines about equipment…(My grandfather and uncle golf but I don’t know too much about PGA guidelines and stuff.) I’ve been reading their golfing magazines to get better insight also. Thanks for answering!!

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