How to Swing a Golf Club : Proper Golf Grip to Improve Your Golf Swing

Learn how to improve your golf swing and handicap with the proper golf club grip in this free instructional golfing video lesson. Expert: Arthur DeBolt Bio: Arthur DeBolt, author of DeNuts and DeBolts of Golf columns, is a certified golf swing coach with 40 years of teaching experience. Filmmaker: Terry Larson

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What is the best set of golf clubs for a left handed beginner?

I want to purchase my first set of golf clubs. I have not been golfing too many times but I am pretty athletic and a quick learner. I am not trying to be a pro but would like to have fun. I usually spend a little more than average on my sporting equipment because usually you can get better quality and if nothing else at least it makes you more confident. I want to spend around 00.00 on clubs and I am wondering what else I should buy shoes, bag, glove, etc. I would also like to know the basics when it comes to club selection, offset, shaft length, stiffness, etc. Someone who could summerize for me would be great!!!

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What clubs make a complete golf set?

I want to buy my boyfriend a nice set of clubs for Valentines Day ,but i dont know what i need to put together.PLEASE HELP……….Make a list of a complete set forme some one.

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How do golf club sizes / lengths work?

I want to get a set for my boyfriend for christmas. I found a not-too-pricey that has good reviews, but the problem is, my bf is really tall. How can I make sure that the clubs will be long enough for him before I buy them? Or, is there a "one size fits all" for clubs? Please help!

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Open face club grip for pitches and lobs in golf?

I am a bit confused on how to set up with an open face for lob/flop type shots in golf…should i grip my club as usual, then at set up-open up the club face? Or should the club face be opened first, and then a take my normal grip? I hope this doesn’t sound confusing, but it make sense if you read it a couple times. Thanks alot!
thanks guys, clears it up!

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