The Basics of Gripping and Regripping

Gripping or quite possibly re-gripping a golf club will be the first exposure an individual has with clubmaking. Hireko’s Technical Director Jeff Summitt will thoroughly discuss not only the proper procedures and important terms you will need to know, but also some of things you will need to get started. If you are interested in clubmaking, this is one Webinar you will not want to miss.

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Will lengthening my golf clubs make them lose any quality?

Im thinking about lengthening my clubs about an inch. I guess Im not exactly sure how they do it, but it seems to me like if they add a piece to the shaft, it would not be one solid piece and make it less stable, thus losing quality on my hits. Not sure I am wording this right, but if anyone has any input I would appreciate it.
Im about 6’4, and havent golfed that much in the past. I bought a set from a store, that was basically like a set in a box type, that had everything included. Now that I am golfing a bit more, I realize that the clubs are about 0.5-1.0 inches too short for me.

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Why do I only hit a golf ball 280 yards with 119 mph club head speed?

I went to golf mart today to get fitted for some new clubs. While i was there they measured my club head speed. A lot of guys I play with are often curious as to how fast it is, and why I don’t hit the ball further. My speeds were 116 mph, 115 mph, and 119mph. Shouldn’t i be hitting the ball over 300 yds with that kind of speed?

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Do Callaway golf clubs (irons) make a huge difference in the game?

I currently have a set of Top Flite Stratas clubs.

There is a good price on Callaway R5 irons (about 0 canadian), and I am thinking of buying them.

Have people found a huge difference in their games when they bought the elite clubs? Or is it a brand name thing??

Will I notice a huge improvement??

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