Hybrid Golf Club Advice With A 60° Lob Wedge

Black Magic® Wedge Demonstration by a leading PGA Golf Teaching Professional. Blade Runner Golf, Inc. creates revolutionary hybrid golf clubs and putters called Black Magic® Wedges and Putters. This new hybrid golf club technology takes the guess work out of any golf short game shot. About 70% of golf shots in a round of golf are taken 75 yards from the pin or closer, making the short game the most significant factor in a golfer’s game. THE NEW GENERATION IN HYBRID WEDGES- The Black Magic® Wedge Hybrid Golf Wedge assures less strokes, more one putts, no more shanks and substantial reduction of chunking. The large full face action, set back hosel, hybrid technology and improved extra wide sole allows you to slide the club under the ball on ANY lie creating more spin and lob it softly onto the green from a few to 125 yards on the target line. All Black Magic Wedges conform with USGA Rules. For more information, video tips and specifications visit: 48° Hybrid Pitching Wedge Specification – bit.ly 52° Hybrid Gap Wedge Specification – bit.ly 56° Hybrid Lob Wedge Specification – bit.ly 60° Hybrid Sand Wedge Specification – bit.ly Technical Specifications – bit.ly

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Golf Swing Tip: How to Properly Release your Golf Club

Visit bit.ly to learn more about training for a career in golf. Grant Halverson, Master Instructor at the Aviara Golf Academy, explains how properly release the golf club in your swing. To discuss this golf tip with other golfers and share your own leave a comment below. We look forward to your feedback. ******************************************************** Dialog from the Video ******************************************************** Hi my name is Grant Halverson and I’m a Master Instructor at the Aviara Golf Academy. Today I’d like to talk to you a little about the release of the golf club; it’s a very misunderstood part of the game. Most people feel like the release of the golf club is actual motion of your hands moving this way going through the golf ball and that’s a very common mistake in a higher handicapper. As they swing the golf club, their body stops and their hands go and the club actually releases behind the ball losing all the speed. When it does that it comes in more steeply than the golf ball, robbing them of distance and accuracy. The proper release of the golf club stems from good body rotation with tension free arms. So if we can work on making our good turn going back and then from making that good turn, getting our body moving forward and around while the club is staying behind our body and then allowing our arms to extend fully to the target. The hands do not let the club hit past them before the ball is struck. So we want to feel the hands get

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