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Golf Club Driver Replacement Question?

Hello, I purchased a King Cobra S9-1 F Speed Driver around last Christmas, and about 2 months ago the club head unexpectedly came off of the shaft, after swinging it at the driving range. I didn’t do anything wrong with the club, this incident just unfortanately occured.

I called the Cobra company and they told me to bring the club to the retailer where I bought it (Dick’s Sporting Goods), and that it would be dealt with from there. Now, 2 months later, a repaired club has been returned to Dick’s, and I just picked it up earlier this evening. But the club is not the same as it had been when I purchased it. The same club head and grip are present, yet they have replaced the 55g Cobra shaft with a 65g stiff Fujikura shaft. This new shaft looks sort of cheap, and it is also heavier than the original one.

I am just worried that I may have been cheated on the club that I originally purchased, seeing how the damage was accidental, and the club was still covered under warranty. I also worry because I really liked my old driver, and I wonder that this heavier shaft may make a large impact on the way I hit the club.

So I guess my question is, "Is it standard for the company to give me a different shaft on the club, or do I deserve a replacement club that matches the original one I purchased?"
Thank you both for your well-explained answers regarding the situation. I now realize that I have gotten an actual better shaft than before, but the shaft does say stiff flex on it. Will this make a noticable difference, or will it be unnoticeable?

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