What Makes One Golf Club, Better Than Another?

I know people say that, the technology in clubs have improved, therefore meaning that you can his the ball further and more accurate.

However with the clubs there are now, what is difference between a $200 set of irons compared to a $800 set of irons and will it make a huge difference to me? I’m a 28 handicapper, 2 and a half year old clubs but not loads of money to put into the game at the moment. I’ve been playing for 2 months 🙂

Please don’t just say "because there better"

Thank you

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Tuning golf clubs with Callaway experts

Get a peek inside the secret Callaway golf equipment trailer where artisans make custom clubs for the pros.

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Golf Club Driver Replacement Question?

Hello, I purchased a King Cobra S9-1 F Speed Driver around last Christmas, and about 2 months ago the club head unexpectedly came off of the shaft, after swinging it at the driving range. I didn’t do anything wrong with the club, this incident just unfortanately occured.

I called the Cobra company and they told me to bring the club to the retailer where I bought it (Dick’s Sporting Goods), and that it would be dealt with from there. Now, 2 months later, a repaired club has been returned to Dick’s, and I just picked it up earlier this evening. But the club is not the same as it had been when I purchased it. The same club head and grip are present, yet they have replaced the 55g Cobra shaft with a 65g stiff Fujikura shaft. This new shaft looks sort of cheap, and it is also heavier than the original one.

I am just worried that I may have been cheated on the club that I originally purchased, seeing how the damage was accidental, and the club was still covered under warranty. I also worry because I really liked my old driver, and I wonder that this heavier shaft may make a large impact on the way I hit the club.

So I guess my question is, "Is it standard for the company to give me a different shaft on the club, or do I deserve a replacement club that matches the original one I purchased?"
Thank you both for your well-explained answers regarding the situation. I now realize that I have gotten an actual better shaft than before, but the shaft does say stiff flex on it. Will this make a noticable difference, or will it be unnoticeable?

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Golf Tips : Tips for Improving the Follow-Through

In golf, the swing and a proper follow-through should be the goal, as opposed to merely making contact with the ball. Learn about turning to finish a golf swing with help from a director of instruction at a golf school in this free video on golf swings. Expert: Conan Elliott Contact: www.teacherofchampions.com Bio: Conan Elliott has been the director of instruction at Camas Meadows Golf Club since January 2004. He has been teaching for more than 30 years, and truly is a “teacher of champions.” Filmmaker: Lisa Fenderson

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Tour Edge VIP Custom Golf Club Fitting

The Tour Edge VIP Fitting process allows local pros to send in golfers to be custom fit at the Tour Edge Headquarters. A Tour Edge fitting specialist will fit golfers with the newest Tour Edge and Exotics heads, and the industry’s leading shafts to create the perfect set-up for your golf swing.

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Custom Golf Club Fitting with Motion Capture Technology at the TaylorMade Performance Lab

A sponsored custom golf club fitting from TaylorMade Golf. facebook.com twitter.com Video by stevegarfield.com http

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How to make a golf club – Golf shaft spine finder machine

This is the video showing you how to spine golf shafts on a new Spine Finder Machine from www.progolftourshop.com Please comment or contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for watching!

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TaylorMade RocketBallz RBZ Hybrid

Get Mark’s iPhone App itunes.apple.com Get Mark’s Android App market.android.com Like Mark Crossfield on Facebook www.facebook.com Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter twitter.com TaylorMade RBZ Hybrid rescue reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the speed slot hybrid/rescue from TaylorMade golf. The RocketBallz RBZ line has made a huge impact on golfer minds, often making people think they can hit the ball further if they use a RBZ golf club. Mark talks about the golf club in real and understandable terms to help you make the best choice for your golf.

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