Fujikura Fit

Fujikura Fit
I just got a new driver and I lost 20 yards off the tee. What is the problem?

I just got the new 460-R9 FCT, loft is10.5 and has 65 grams of solid axle Fujikura. I do not know if its axis is not good for me or what. I do not seem to be the same trajectory the ball or the distance. Do not get me wrong feeling on the tee is great, but I can not get the same number of points that I made with my old driver. Help:)

Difficult to answer this without … – Your swing speed – Specifications for the old driver (rigid shaft, loft, etc.) – handicap or skill level (can be a swing failure) so I'm going with the biggest problems …. 1) Flex Shaft – if the plans go top and right without a lot of distance, the tree could be very difficult. 2) The weight tree – Too light of a theme might be to send sky high ball with a lot of spin, causing it to balloon. 3) Loft – Loft More speed = more, less, loft = less spin. Very ball spin causes, causes of round bales just falling from the sky and not to take the air long enough (may have more to ride with less spin, but there is compensation). 4) swingweight current club – Club could be heavier or lighter, playing his "swing" normal. "Causing problems of leakage or others that can zap 5). Draw Bias – your club will successfully draw bias / frown? 6), the last rider was simply more time. 7) with the CTF, you can open the face, you can be too sidespin on the ball. # 1 is usually the answer, but there are a number of other issues. Take a look below for the rest of the list. Compare his former driver for the new driver. The decrease of 20 yards is quite significant given that you have purchased a very good club. It could be as simple as the flex shaft, but never know.

Wilson Smooth Driver with Fujikura E-Fit triple xstiff

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