Shaft Tour

Shaft Tour
What is the best of Taylor Made Burner Tour Burner or 09? TP?

I know that the version of TP is better in both cases. But I wonder if anyone has tried both (preferably with 10.5 loft and regular shaft) and see who has won? 09 The new Tour Burner or Burner? I do not really Referring to drivers for PD is that diffference much? (If money is a problem stay away from the regular 09)

Depends this kind of player you are. My understanding with the drivers from Taylor Made Burner Recorder is standard is the best club for the amateur golfer who just wants a respectful distance, foam-shot kill each other. The visit of the burner is designed for the most talented players who can attract intentionally destroy their plans, according to needs of the particular hole. I am an amateur golfer who is typical of leisure just happy to break 100 in 18 holes in a room fairly simple. I was hit Regular Force of the burner (07 models) since last summer and I love it. I I 9 degrees on the tree training, but I swing like no other tomorrow. I adjusted my grip to eliminate my backyard and I am always impressed every 250-270 meters straight as an arrow. I suggest you set up a store or pro shop that has a splash screen. Initially I thought I want a model of 10.5 degrees ordinary tree, because I do not think hard They shook and I thought a little more loft would be nice. But after trying on a driving range and hit just 200 meters, I returned to the club and I went upstairs. The monitor said the best club I was 9 degrees rigid shaft, and it has certainly added more than 50 meters and has reduced my slice.

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