Golf Rules – Ground Under Repair?

Jerry’s ball comes to rest next to a rotted tree stump. Jerry claims it to be ground under repair. He picks his ball up, measures one club length from where it was resting and drops the ball without penalty. Is he right, is there a penalty?

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Custom Golf Equipment

Make Sure You Get The Right Clubs For You

You may think that golf clubs are all the same and that you can play with any club. If this is the case, you obviously have not tried to compensate for one that is too long or too short for you. Poorly fitting golf clubs can make a mess of your game and leave you full of aches and pains afterward. If you are always compensating for a bad club, you can’t be shooting your best shots or even enjoying yourself very much.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend hundreds of dollars for customized clubs. Custom clubs provide one solution, but most people usually find what they need at a well-stocked golf shop. Here are some issues to keep in mind when looking for clubs.

custom golf clubs kansas cityWhile a club’s length is an important feature, it isn’t everything. Professional golfers say that the size of the grip should be comfortable to your hands. This is why golf clubs for younger players and women typically have smaller grips.

If you decide to spring for a set of custom clubs, don’t expect to be measured like you are for a suit. The point is to make them extend from the point of your outstretched hand to the ground, while also making the most of your body’s strengths and weaknesses. A good custom fit will occur both indoors and outdoors, and it will take your swing into account. Getting custom clubs will probably be expensive. Some club manufacturers will charge for the actual fitting, but other offer it for free as long as you commit to buying your club from the company that gave you the fitting. Custom clubs are more expensive than off-the-shelf varieties. There is no question about that, but the results will probably be evident the first time you use them on the course.

With clubs that fit, you will no longer have to compensate for being taller or shorter than the ‘average’ player. Custom clubs will handle this problem for you, and even if you have strengths or weaknesses that challenge your game, they will address those issues as well.

You may think that if you want to get new clubs right away you will have to use off-the-shelf products. Actually, many club manufacturers that provide custom-made ones promise to have them delivered within one or two weeks at most.

There are some drawbacks to custom golf clubs that you should be aware of. They are difficult to give as a surprise gift; golfers would much rather give up the surprise value to get a really good fit. There is a possibility that a golfer will decide to resell these clubs, but it is more likely that after going to the trouble and expense to have them made, the golfer will hold onto them

You are the only person who can decide if custom golf clubs are a good investment. If you plan to spend a lot of money on an excellent set of clubs, you might as well go all the way and get customized ones.

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