Course Vlog Sand Hollow Golf Resort

Vlog from early December. Check out the return to Sand Hollow: This is from our trip to Southern Utah. For some reason the cold weather followed us down to there. The course we went to play closed due to weather, it was snowing! So we played closer to st george where the altitude was not so high. It was still cold. But it ended up warming up during the round. More vids to follow! Sub, rate, thumbs up, ask questions, comment! All that fun stuff. I will be making some shorter how to type vids on shot different types of shots to play soon. So come back and check again. Why not subscribe while you are here! Twitter @ScratchQuest

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Which of these golf clubs would make the best set?

hello so i am picking between 1 driver a set of irons and a putter the drivers:callaway hyper x driver or taylormade r7 driver. the irons: ping rapture v2 irons, taylormade burners or r7s or nike slingshots, and the putters: scotty cameron newport 2, taylormade rossa monza spider, or ping craz-e putter so i want to no wat would make the best pak

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What is a typical set of golf clubs?

I am just getting into golf and I wanted to know what clubs and which clubs I need to make a full set of clubs. Make a list too if you can like Drivers: 5,etc… and Irons: 6,2,etc.. Are Nike’s good clubs?

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Discount Clone Golf Clubs

Thinking about getting some clone golf clubs? If so, then this video is worth a look. – TourGolfClubs is dedicated to making the game of golf affordable for everyone. We are proud to offer you a line of discount clone golf clubs that rivals the top name golf clubs in features and performance at a discount price. Our discount golf clubs resemble those of the top name brands, to include Callaway, Nike, Titleist and Ping. Shop by Clone Style [Callaway Golf Club Style] [Ping Golf Club Style] [Nike Golf Club Style]

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Golf club manufactureres with factories in China

What clubs does the company make in China?

By specific, what TM, Nike, Cleveland, Ping, Cobra, Calloway, Titlest, clubs. IE, Callaway X22, F9, Imix etc. I know not all are made there.
Maybe better question is what clubs are Not made in china? Example, where is Cleveland XLS made? TM has clubs in Japan not in US, there r-9 460 has weights also, where is it made?

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Custom Golf Club Making Demonstration

Keith, from shows how easy it is to make a golf club when you have 10 years experience. Check out for knock off drivers,fairway woods and irons. He also sells Callaway drivers and Titleist irons.

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Nike Golf Club Give-Away and Fitting Tips

Nike gave golf clubs and fit all of those who donated and played in the Dan Orlovsky Foundation Golf Tournament. Nike’s pros offered tips on how to pick out the right clubs, something that can make a big difference in your game. To find out more about the Dan Orlovsky Foundation log onto: danorlovskyfoundation . org . Keep up with our developments on our website ( and our stories here on youtube by clicking the little blue “presspass” just above this info. Thanks for watching and any comments/feedback!

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Stiff Graphite

Stiff Graphite
Error – bought r7xd rigid graphite irons. I'm better with ordinary steel? Seller did not reg graphic. "

Bought eBay and the seller have regular graphite, but carbon steel. I hit a 7 iron 155.

It is a big question ask before buying. In all cases, the correct shaft flex is determined by the speed of your swing. Given the distance that you hit a 7-iron, but can vary depending on your current flex shaft. Use a calculator flex shaft (below) to help determine what is best for you.

Ping G10 Hybrid @ Montclair Golf Course

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