Will lengthening my golf clubs make them lose any quality?

Im thinking about lengthening my clubs about an inch. I guess Im not exactly sure how they do it, but it seems to me like if they add a piece to the shaft, it would not be one solid piece and make it less stable, thus losing quality on my hits. Not sure I am wording this right, but if anyone has any input I would appreciate it.
Im about 6’4, and havent golfed that much in the past. I bought a set from a store, that was basically like a set in a box type, that had everything included. Now that I am golfing a bit more, I realize that the clubs are about 0.5-1.0 inches too short for me.

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Why does carbon steel make it a good material for golf club shafts?

On both a micro- and macroscopic level.

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How to tell the fake golf club?

I recently sold a used “CLEVELAND HIBORE” club to a guy, but he unexpectedly claimed the club is “fake,” because of the following reason.

1. wrong grip 2.markings on shaft not the same place 3.shaft too flexible 4.ball makes hollow sound when hit 5. writing on back of driver different size

My question is as below,
1. Have you ever heard of the fake club sold on the market?
2. Do you believe his claim?

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Making golf clubs

How is a golf club made? Does anyone know a website with info on how the shaft, grip, and club head is made?

I have to do this project for technology class on how the computer industry and materials help make a golf club.

I already have info on the golf ball which is a video. If there is a video it will be helpful too.
(Video link for golf ball: http://video.aol.com/video-detail/how-its-made-golf-balls/2423941855 )
I checked Discovery’s How It’s Made, and I only find info on how Golf Balls, and Golf Tees are made: http://www.tv.com/how-its-made/show/62059/episode_listings.html?season=0&tag=nav_bar;all

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Adams golf replacement?

My head of my Adams golf Ovation driver fell off. I hit the ball nearly perfectly so I dunno how it broke off. I think the hosel broke (the bottom of the head and the top of the shaft are sharp and rough) I bought this club little under a year. I do not have a receipt for this. It worked fine until this week. Would Adams golf give me a replacement or give me a super cheap repair fee? If not, how much would the repair cost be? If the replacement fee is over I will buy a new driver so are there any good cheap drivers? I’m an average golf player playing for fun

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Head of golf driver keeps flying off. Time to scrap it?

A friend gave me a used Ping driver last year, and on my 10th swing with it, the head of the club flew off into the range. The shaft was cracked at the bottom, so over the winter I had it re-shafted with a mid-grade shaft. My first time at the range this year, the head flew off again; this time the glue had merely failed with no damage to the shaft. I took it back to the golf store, where they re-glued it for free. I let it sit for a couple weeks, then took it out to the course this past weekend. While warming up at the range, the head flew off yet again on only my second swing. I’ve heard so much about how difficult it is to break a club, even if you occasionally clip the ground in your swing, yet I’ve apparently gotten pretty good at it.

Should I just scrap this driver and get a new one, or is this an issue of repeatedly poor repair jobs? I’m very reluctant to hit the driver anymore, and I don’t have the same problems with my 3 and 5 woods.

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Cost of re-gripping or re-shafting golf clubs?

I have a set of Ping Eye 2 irons. They are the original grips and shafts from sometime in the late 80s. My dad used them for 7-10 rounds a year for a few years after he got them then they sat in the garage. So the heads are in good shape and the grooves are good as far as I can tell. So I’d like to get them re-gripped for sure. How much does this cost per club if I get a Lamkin grip that costs around .00 per grip? They have a Ping ZZ lite shaft on them. The shaft isn’t damaged but I’m sure it is outdated. So how much is the labor (not including the supplies) on regripping and reshafting clubs? From a few of the prices I’ve seen online it looks as if I can get this done for about 0, seem about right? I’ll be regripping 10 clubs and reshafting 6 clubs. Does Ping offer any discount on new grips or shafts or anything if I take it to a Ping authorized repair shop? Do I really need my new shafts Pured or aligned or whatever it is? Or is that just a way to get more money?

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Fitting Clubs for Left-Handed Golfers

Are you a leftie? – then you should see this.

Simple Golf Tips – Lengthen Your Drive and Shave 7 Strokes off your Next Round Getting your left-handed golf club fitted can help you improve your swing by adjusting the shaft length, shaft flex, and grip size of your club. Learn about the importance of golf club fitting in this free online golf lesson video. Expert: Jason Wyatt Bio: Jason Wyatt is the Head Golf Professional at Sunningdale Golf & Country Club, in London, Ontario. Filmmaker: Melissa Schenk

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