Tuning golf clubs with Callaway experts

Get a peek inside the secret Callaway golf equipment trailer where artisans make custom clubs for the pros.

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Can you get fitted for golf clubs even if you are a beginner?

Does fitting depend on your swing or just your height? Because as a beginner I don’t think I have a set swing…

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How can I make adjusting to shorter golf clubs easier?

I’m kind of new to golf, I’ve been at it for only a year. This christmas I received a new set of golf clubs, and all my irons are about an inch shorter than my old set. Other than obviously hitting the driving range, is there anything else I can specifically do to make this process easier or faster? Anything that I’d have to change with my swing? I’m usually topping the ball right now and its frustrating. Any advice or tips? Thanks

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Will getting golf lessons change my club fitting information? Will I still be 2*upright?

Okay, I just started getting lessons. I have a club fitting on Friday for new clubs. Will my "fitting" needs change as my swing (hopefully) improves? Or once 2* upright, always 2* upright?


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Making Golf Make Sense – The Release

The concept of releasing the club through impact is explained in reference to Arnold Palmer’s swing in this video.

tinyurl.com Simple Golf Tips – Lengthen Your Drive and Shave 7 Strokes off your Next Round At SWINGBUILD GOLF, we firmly believe that there is a correct way to swing the golf club, one way that each individual can swing to achieve maximum efficiency. There are fundamental principles that ALL good players adhere to and throughout this website you will gain an insight into these components that make up the golf swing. Everything we teach from putting to full swing and the full range of shots in between is based on the same swing mechanics. These body mechanics are cemented together by the all-important dynamics of, tempo rhythm and timing. Too many myths have sprung up with regards to the golf swing with each one deflecting the golfers attention from the simple components which, which, when assembled, go towards building the ONE CORRECT SWING.

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Head of golf driver keeps flying off. Time to scrap it?

A friend gave me a used Ping driver last year, and on my 10th swing with it, the head of the club flew off into the range. The shaft was cracked at the bottom, so over the winter I had it re-shafted with a mid-grade shaft. My first time at the range this year, the head flew off again; this time the glue had merely failed with no damage to the shaft. I took it back to the golf store, where they re-glued it for free. I let it sit for a couple weeks, then took it out to the course this past weekend. While warming up at the range, the head flew off yet again on only my second swing. I’ve heard so much about how difficult it is to break a club, even if you occasionally clip the ground in your swing, yet I’ve apparently gotten pretty good at it.

Should I just scrap this driver and get a new one, or is this an issue of repeatedly poor repair jobs? I’m very reluctant to hit the driver anymore, and I don’t have the same problems with my 3 and 5 woods.

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Club Fitting at Raspberry Golf Academy

If you live in and around the Washington, DC area, you might want to check out this custom club fitter to find a new set of sticks.

Along with an excellent array of game improvement services and technologies, Raspberry Golf Academy offers state of the art club fitting options and fully certified club fitters to match.

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Feel Golf

Feel Golf
How do you feel is less important than a green golf cart. "

You can think of a death that could benefit from the money spent by Obama in the "green golf carts? Personally, I'd rate of solar panels for my house, or a windmill.

Ask a player if the caddies rich green is important. He will tell you that having a golf cart comfortable ecological park your ass is more important than creating jobs for workers with low or reduce taxes for the middle class. In addition, you do not want a player to stand out by actually walking to the next hole and get some exercise. Simply switch the iron 3 is a chore.

Dr. Feel’s Golf Wedge Secret

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Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan
The club has reached Ben Hogan in 1950, Open U., which will always be remebered?

Bantam Ben hit a 1 iron on the final hole at Merion to get in a prolonged and possibly beat Sam Snead. He was especially given the serious accident that would have ended his career a few years earlier. This photo has been immortalized in a picture that is considered one of the most famous in golf history see the links below.

Ben Hogan Golf Swing

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