Tuning golf clubs with Callaway experts

Get a peek inside the secret Callaway golf equipment trailer where artisans make custom clubs for the pros.

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TaylorMade RocketBallz RBZ Hybrid

Get Mark’s iPhone App itunes.apple.com Get Mark’s Android App market.android.com Like Mark Crossfield on Facebook www.facebook.com Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter twitter.com TaylorMade RBZ Hybrid rescue reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the speed slot hybrid/rescue from TaylorMade golf. The RocketBallz RBZ line has made a huge impact on golfer minds, often making people think they can hit the ball further if they use a RBZ golf club. Mark talks about the golf club in real and understandable terms to help you make the best choice for your golf.

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Puerto Vallarta Golf Vista Vallarta Marina Vallarta Golf best golfing in town!

The Marina course was the second to be built and it is situated in the heart of Marina Vallarta, near the Marriott hotel. The course is well established and is a stiff challenge to all golfers. Most people would consider it to be the hardest course in the area. Many of the holes are long and ten of them have water (five are “if you are not on the green, start swimming”). It is not really a good course for hackers as the number of lost balls could destroy the confidence of all but the toughest. The greens are usually in good condition and are relatively small, making the course feel very much like target golf. Some of the garden areas could be spruced up and at times the bunkers seem to be compacted and lacking some sand. The enormous, deep waste bunker on the par 5, 14th hole, looks a mess, has lots of stones and doesn’t really serve any purpose except cause a few curses when the ball lands in it. With all the water on the course it is worth noting that there are quite a few alligators and it is quite common to have to play your shot with a basking alligator not too far away. There have been no reports of anybody ever having been attacked but it is wise to take a free drop if you are in danger of hitting it on the head with your follow through. The course has quite a lot of trees and some very unforgiving palm trees. The ball never seems to fall out of them. The par 3, 13th hole is alongside the ocean and is a nice challenge. If there is any breeze you have to start the

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Custom Golf Club Making Demonstration

Keith, from www.completegolfshop.com shows how easy it is to make a golf club when you have 10 years experience. Check out completegolfshop.com for knock off drivers,fairway woods and irons. He also sells Callaway drivers and Titleist irons.

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Nike Golf Club Give-Away and Fitting Tips

Nike gave golf clubs and fit all of those who donated and played in the Dan Orlovsky Foundation Golf Tournament. Nike’s pros offered tips on how to pick out the right clubs, something that can make a big difference in your game. To find out more about the Dan Orlovsky Foundation log onto: danorlovskyfoundation . org . Keep up with our developments on our website (presspasstv.com) and our stories here on youtube by clicking the little blue “presspass” just above this info. Thanks for watching and any comments/feedback!

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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods
How players are constantly surprising score of -28 on Tiger Woods 10 on Xbox 360?

How come the players are able to continue achieving amazing results in Tiger Woods 10, regardless of the course, green, or if conditions, certainly people are not as accurate at all times.

are really. He has many skills

Tiger Woods’ First Press Conference at Augusta National’s Masters – New York Post

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Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark

Bahamas diving with Tiger sharks

Our latest adventure has it all. Let us introduce you to the tiger shark (Galeocerdo Cuvier) and Great hammerhead (Sphyrna Mokarran) and Grey Reef Sharks (Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos) up close and personal. In addition, you'll be fishing for tuna along the way, snorkel and play with the dolphins painted and amazing dive sites, with wrecks, caves and more. Packaging such as diving and shark encounters we can within 7 days, that later the adventure is all about.

You and 10 other divers will join Shark Diver for seven days in West Palm Beach, Florida aboard the last long-distance Bahamas live aboard "Dolphin Dream". She is a 86ft trawler expedition re-designed to carry 10 divers Security and comfort. It offers the most unique diving and exciting. Flexible scheduling 7 days, with a strong emphasis on sharks and shark encounters. The size of this stablilty ship at sea and made it our first choice. It is like a Tahoe ski chalet, relaxed, comfortable and very easy for our divers.

Day 1 Saturday

Welcome to Palm Beach, Florida. Arrival between 4.00pm-7.00pm. The time to decompress and get acquainted with your floating home for weeks. Once you installed, you are free to join us for dinner expenses Grouper Tacos and a cold beer. When we returned the advice will given emergency procedures and diving with sharks information. We left Palm Beach last night for the sunset cruise sun for our night of "The Bahamas." This time, a great to sit and sip a cocktail and meet your fellow divers, the next days will be busy.

Day domingo, 2

While your colleagues are drudging you dive with sharks Tiger and maybe one or two Hammerhead. This morning, decided to Scotts Tiger Beach and lower cages. The crew has been chumming since morning. Tigers begin to arrive in the morning, we see in all the 1-5 spot sharks, and they are hungry. The Tigers are different great whites in many respects, we will be here in 15 feet of water with a sandy bottom. Floating cages near the surface and can fall and we have to hang the tiger hunt bait in the cage.

The shark diving operation will last all day, with regular rotations and shark diving. If we feel as if the action slows or divers can choose to run for the Gardens of Muriel, where the local Caribbean Reef Sharks Swim while you explore the reef. The game plan is to spend all day here, all the actions that the shark is the hottest. Note: Unlike the Tigers, sharks and Caribbean reef sharks are considered a lemon shark "safer". We do cage diving with these animals aged less, but always a safety diver on the site and not on CHUM these dives. The meetings are completely natural and because these reefs are pristine.

Day 3 days, Monday Tiger Shark

This is a full day of diving, including dive 2-5 his first night dive (if you choose). Wake up to breakfast on the beautiful West End Grand Bahama. Logo Customs and Immigration Bahamas opened at 9:00 Captain Get your paperwork completed as soon as possible after they are on our way. This morning we head north to Prime dive sites. An hour's stop at the customs "Bull Pen" is a dip of 60 "with Caribbean reef sharks, groupers, rays stingrays. From there, we scorpionfish colorful reefs, and the sugar Wreck for an afternoon and night dives. We often dive and snorkel with the turtles This amicable big old wreck that was once the sailing vessel 330. Night anchored in a quiet night known locally as Dry Bar …. is a short distance from our site tiger shark.

Day 4 Tuesday

More sharking Scotts Tiger Beach this morning. Divers spend as much time as they like to be vaccinated and meeting time with these animals. We will be chumming up all night to keep an interest. This afternoon for a change rhythm that we are discovering friendly spotted dolphins. These are wild dolphins who love to play and interact with divers and gather off the coast north a few hours. Dolphin encounters are just diving in 15-20 feet of water. The main reason for the dolphin Ocean is a paradise called "White Sand Ridge. Make sure to take their fins as these animals like to interact with the beachgoers. We have the option to extend the dolphins with lights for an evening or to attend a swim in the evening at a local reef of your choice by consensus of the group.

About the Author

Dive travel specialists with Shark Diving and are the main booking office for White Shark Cage Diving in South Africa as well as many Shark Diving locations worldwide!
We are based in Gansbaai and have successfully fulfilled the dreams of thousands of shark lovers over the last 9 years!

Tiger Sharks vs. Turtles

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Grip Tiger

Grip Tiger
You attack?

Like a tiger? Roaring like a? Grip like a lion? Monkey Dance like a badger? Or do I have problems? Well, Well let the past. The results are a verdict of the judges is final! Fortunately, we can not be judged by the same event twice. LOL.

First you need to do a glance. Belly crawl until you're always very close and approach wind down. Then when the time has come … POUNCE!

Ben Hogan Golf Swing secret plane tips analysis lessons grip slow motion

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